Nightingale – Giulia Lagomarsino



“Say it again,” I whispered in her ear as I pinned her against the wall.

She shook her head slightly, but her breathing picked up. I could feel her heat against my hand as I slid it inside her panties. She was soaked for me.

“Tell me or I won’t give you what you want.”

I could feel her frustration building. She didn’t want to give in, but then again, she never had. She always fought me every step of the way on everything. Her breath huffed out and I could practically feel her rolling her eyes.

“I want your cock,” she ground out.

“That’s not what I want to hear and you know it.”

“Ugh, would you just give it to me?” she groaned. “You know I do, so stop messing with me.”

“Not until you say it,” I whispered again, nipping at her ear. I slid my fingers into her pussy and slowly pumped in and out. She wouldn’t be able to hold out too much longer. I stroked my thumb across her clit and pulled her closer as she shivered against me.

“You’re not playing fair.”

“I know exactly what I’m doing, Florrie. Stop fucking around.”

I pumped my fingers harder inside her, drawing her closer to her orgasm, but not letting her unleash it. That was all for me, but only if she gave me what I wanted.

“I fucking love you, alright!”

I grinned and nipped at her neck, licking up to her ear and drawing the delicate lobe into my mouth. “That was exactly what I wanted.”

I strummed my thumb over her clit until she was trembling and panting. Her breasts were heaving against the wall and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Just a little more….

Her thighs clenched together around my hand and she tossed her head back, resting on my shoulder as her orgasm washed over her. Her moans were drowned out when I covered her mouth with mine and slid my tongue inside. I kissed her long and hard, needing to taste every inch of her, and I was even more excited at the thought of going down on her and tasting that sweet pussy juice. I spun her around and kissed her harder, palming her tit in my hand.

“Marry me.”

“Fuck me,” she panted.

I shook my head, twisting her nipple between my fingers. “Not until you say you’ll marry me.”

“Ugh, just give me what I want,” she cried.

“Say you’ll marry me and I will.”

“Fine, I’ll fucking marry you!”

I grinned and kissed her hard. I had her right where I wanted her. “That’s right. You will.”

“Would you fuck me now?”

“You know I will,” I said, shoving her pants down her legs. She got to work on my belt, yanking at it until it was loose. She lowered the zipper and had just started shoving my pants down when there was a banging on the bedroom door.

“Florrie!” Reid shouted. “Come on, it’s time to train!”

I shook my head, pushing her back against the wall when she tried to move. “No.”

“Alec, I have to go. I can’t stay here and fuck you while Reid is out there waiting on me,” she whisper-hissed.

“This is the third time this week,” I growled.

“Well, that’s part of having a kid,” she said with a grin, like I didn’t already know that. She kissed my lips slow and long and then ducked under my arm. “Tonight.”

She said it like it was a promise, but that did jack shit for me when I was hard and needing to be inside my woman. She bit her lip and waved to me as she cleaned herself up quickly. She was out the door before I could even suggest a blowjob. I leaned my head against the wall and reached down to fist my cock. I tried to imagine Florrie on her knees, sucking me into her mouth, but it was no use. I needed her, not an image of her.



One year ago…

“This has the potential to give us everything we want. We could have control over everything, but we need to move on this.”

“It also has the potential to destroy you. I’m not going in on this with you,” George, my step-father said to the man standing in his office.

“But I already told the others that you were in.”

“That was your mistake.”

I peeked around the door, trying to figure out who the man was. His voice was familiar, but I couldn’t place it. From the back, all I could see was his graying hair and his fat stomach.

“I can’t just