Nanny to the Billionaire Dragon - Cynthia Wilde Page 0,1

She'd hated that purse from the start anyhow (a heart-shaped Louis Vuitton). Not only was it ugly, but its shape seemed to mock her. It was like it embodied all of her accumulated heartache and regret. So really, she was happy to be rid of it. The six hundred dollars she pawned it for didn’t hurt either. She would have gotten more if it weren’t for the mascara stains all over the inside. She had been a wreck the day he left her, and the purse had paid the price.

Unfortunately for her bank account, when she pawned the purse she had assumed her next job would be secured imminently and had indulged in some retail therapy. The rose-gold pair of angel-winged Sophia Webster heels that had accompanied her home that day had left her with just enough for a small coffee to enjoy while she basked in the short lived high of her purchase. Now those same shoes sat in the back of her closet in their original box, as a reminder of what not to do with your money. At the same time, she knew she was probably only a week at most from another trip to the pawn shop.

With rent due and her options dwindling quickly, she called the agency yet again, crossing her fingers that today would be the day for a new job. She was even prepared to beg a little at this point. She would take anything.

Jenny answered the phone in her cheerful bubblegum-popping voice. “Nancy's Nannies, how may I help you?”

“Hey Jenny, this is Keira Hollis. I was just wondering if you have had any new assignments come in, that I’d be right for,” Keira crossed her fingers. “I mean I apologize for bugging you again...”

“Don’t be silly! And you know what, believe it or not, but today just might be your day,” Jenny answered, her enthusiasm audible. “We just got a call early this morning. It's a little strange, but it pays well. And I mean I thought of you cause you have been so, um… persistent. I just hadn’t had a chance to call yet.”

“What is it?” Keira held her breath.

“Well, you know that odd year-round festival thingy in the woods? Hang on.” Keira could hear a paper shuffling over the phone. “Sorry, it's called “Ravenstone Realm Renaissance Faire”. It sounds fun! Have you heard of it?”

“Yeah, sure, I mean, I’ve seen the commercials, but I've never been there,” Keira admitted.

“I don't think that matters. The assignment is with the owner, a Mr. Rafe Parker. He has three kids and from the sounds of it needs a lot of help. I mean I guess that’s obvious,” she laughed. But he wanted someone to start as soon as possible - like today!” she exclaimed. “Anyway, between you and me, he sounded kind of desperate on the phone, but when I say it “pays well”, I mean it pays obscenely well.” More paper shuffling sounded over the line. “I already sent Lucy for an interview, but I can get you in for early afternoon, if you can make it in an hour?”

Keira's heart thudded in her chest. “Yes,” she almost yelled, trying to contain herself. “Yes, I would love an interview. Thank you very much.”

After giving Keira the address, Jenny assured her all she had to do was go to the fair site's front gate, tell the ticket booth her name, and they would take her in for the interview. Mr. Parker would be expecting her. Hearing the name again, she vaguely recalled hearing about him in some tabloid or another she thought. He was the eccentric millionaire – or maybe it was billionaire owner of Ravenstone Realm, the old world Medieval Faire. Jenny assured Keira business casual would do fine, Renfaire or not, but that she should hurry so as not to miss her chance.

Keira, unsure what to wear, returned to stand in front of her mirror trying to choose something appropriate. There was a time she would have just thrown on the first thing she had and rushed out the door, but she needed this job so badly she had to get it right. She still had a little time. Four outfits and fifteen minutes later, she settled on a long, blue skirt and a short-sleeve white blouse with a pair of dark blue ballet flats. Her tall, slight, five-foot-seven frame looked willowy in the outfit while it complimented her brown hair and hazel eyes. She had called a cab, and as