More Than Dare You - Shayla Black Page 0,1

won’t bullshit myself; I’d like what they have. Someday. I’m not desperate. Ranger and I have been baching it for months, and we’re okay. But seeing my brother’s bliss has made me aware that…yeah, I’d love something similar eventually.

Never thought I’d say that, but things change. Time heals all wounds and—

Nope. Not thinking about her.

“Hey.” I kiss Harlow’s cheek. “Look at you. A dress and makeup?”

“Right? I finally don’t look like a sleep-deprived new mom, thanks to Masey. She’s a magician with makeup. But that is her business.”

“Anything I should know about her?”

Harlow doesn’t mind that we get right to it. “I’m sure my husband gave you the basics, but the important part is, she’s really nervous.”

“Why?” I’m not scary or anything. “She’s just wanting a one-night thing, right?”

“Yeah. She’s looking to pop her post-Thom cherry with a man whore who can show her everything she’s been missing. I told her you’d be perfect.”

I try not to let Harlow’s words sting. Normally, I’d grin at that description and own it. I can’t deny that’s who I am. Well, who I was. But being a dad has made me look at life more seriously. I have my eye on the future now. Not the endless pussy I can chase but the actual months and years in front of me…and what I should fill them with. For Harlow, though, I’ll do this favor and help her friend feel good.


She winces. “Sorry if I offended you. I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s fine. So she wants to know what it’s like to have someone other than Thom fuck her?”

“Yes and no. Yes, she wants to know what it’s like for someone other than the selfish douche she dated for ten years to fuck her.” Harlow leans in and drops her voice. “But when Thom dumped her for a chick who masturbates online for a living, he told Masey she sucked in bed. It’s not good for a girl’s confidence.”

I don’t know Masey and I don’t know Thom, but I’m pretty sure I know who the asshole is in this scenario. “I’m sure it’s not.”

Ninety-nine times out of a hundred when some guy tells a girl that she sucks in the sack, it’s not her issue. But Thom is probably one of those without a self-reflective bone in his body and he can’t see how he contributed to their lackluster sex life. I’m not expecting Masey to be the best lay ever. But I doubt she actually needs more than a few orgasms and a confidence boost.

“Even so, she wants to know what she could be doing better.”

If Masey is looking for pointers, that’s easy enough. “No problem. Anything else?”

“There’s a guy back home, apparently. Her hot neighbor. He asked her out right before she left home, and they plan to get together when she returns. Not that she thinks they’ll hop into the sack right away, but…better to be prepared, you know. Other than that?” Harlow shakes her head. “She’s not looking for more than a good time tonight, so don’t worry she’ll turn into a clinging vine.”

Somehow, Harlow’s assurance makes me even more uncomfortable. But she’s merely asking me to help a friend in need, so I let it go. “Got it.”

“Great. Just…be nice. I know you will. But she’s been through a lot with Thom. Even though she’s glued herself back together, she’s more fragile than she lets on.”

It’s not a problem since I’m not usually an asshole. “Absolutely.”

“I appreciate you doing this. If you’ll send her off in the morning with a loopy grin, I’ll be eternally grateful.”

“One loopy grin, coming right up,” I reassure her. “If you’d like, I’ll make sure she’s bow-legged, too.”

Harlow flashes me a megawatt smile. “That would be great! I knew there was a reason you’re my favorite brother-in-law.”

“I’m your only brother-in-law.”

“Details.” She gives me a playful wave of her hand. “Anyway, she wanted me to assure you that if you don’t find her attractive, there won’t be any hard feelings. Buy her a drink and tell her you’re busy tonight after all. Just do it gently.”

At this point, I can’t picture that. Masey sounds like she needs TLC, and my sudden misgivings aside, I need to get laid after a five-month dry spell. It’s not a match made in heaven, but we can make it work for a night. “I’m sure it won’t be a problem. I’m assuming that if she doesn’t find me attractive, she’ll let me down easy, too?”

“Sure.” Harlow shakes her head. “But