More Than Dare You - Shayla Black

Chapter One


Friday, April 6

Maui, Hawaii

“You ready for a night of meaningless sex?” My brother, Noah, swallows back his whiskey neat, then turns to me at the swanky hotel’s bar with a sly smile.

Normally, I would be all in. Well, let’s be honest; I still am…but with less hedonistic abandon. “Why not? Mom is watching Ranger this weekend, so this is the first time in five months I won’t be a slave to a tiny human’s whims or erratic sleep schedule.”

“I get you, man. Being a new dad has been hell on my sex life, too. I literally counted the minutes until Harlow’s doctor said we could ‘resume normal activity,’ but it took a few days before my wife and I got enough sleep to feel like it.” Noah snorts. “I can’t even imagine how rough it’s been on you to suddenly become a single dad.”

He’s not kidding. One minute, I was a single, footloose bachelor, playing the field and having fun. Getting lucky was never a matter of actual luck, just showing up with decent conversation and a smile. Yeah, I’m advantaged. I’ve got good genes. My job as a charter boat owner-operator helps me keep fit. I grew up the less sports-inclined younger brother to a local football god who eventually turned pro and made a shit ton of money. So if I wanted to score off the field, I had to be creative. I learned charm. Flirting is like breathing. And I usually do all right. Or I did.

But ever since learning that I fathered a son during a drunken one-night stand and Ranger’s mother giving me permanent full-time custody, my life has been upside down. I’ve been living like a monk.

“I’m so out of practice, man. I’m worried my parts are rusty.”

My older brother laughs. “I’m sure your hand has ensured your parts work just fine. Besides, it’s like riding a bike.”

“Well, since I left all the athletic shit to you, that doesn’t make me feel better. So what’s the deal with this girl?”

“Masey Garrett—that’s her name—just arrived here from Cali. Like my wife said when she called to ask if you’d, um…show her a good time, she and Harlow were sorority sisters. And they’re besties. Masey is a beauty influencer, whatever that is.”

“Her name is helpful. The rest…” I shrug. “Not really important. I just want to know why she’s looking for a one-night stand.” And exactly what I’m getting myself into.

Noah leans in. “I’m not totally sure. I haven’t met Masey. She didn’t attend our wedding last June because her dad had just died, and this douche broke up with her a few days later. Nice guy, huh?”

“Sounds like a real prince.”

“But I know she’s had the same boyfriend since she was fifteen, so Harlow’s take is that Masey is finally ready to get back up and ride a bike or two of her own.”

Neglected and lonely. I’ve done girls like her. I’m doing Masey as a weird favor to my sister-in-law, but helping out shouldn’t be a hardship. “Do you know what she looks like?”

“I’ve only seen pictures.” But he’s smiling. With Noah, that’s either a really good thing…or really bad.

“Out with it. Is she a troll?”

“No. She’s not your usual, bro, but I think you’ll like her. Little thing. Pale. Huge blue eyes. Sassy. She’s got good girl written all over her.”

Interesting. She sounds fun to corrupt. I shift in my seat to hide my suddenly hard dick, and my brother laughs. Clearly, I’m not fooling him.

“Anything else?”

On the bar in front of Noah, his phone dings. He glances at it. “You can ask Harlow. She’s on her way in.”

“With Masey?”

“No. She was running a few errands, so she’s coming in her own rental car. You’ll get a chance to grill my wife first.”

One thing I appreciate about Harlow? She’s a straight-to-the-point girl. I never have to guess where I stand with her. If she’s mad, she’ll tell me to my face. And if she has information, she’ll give me the unvarnished truth. “Perfect.”

“Then I’m taking Harlow home. Since Maxon and Keeley offered to watch our little rug rat tonight, I’m totally going to take advantage of my wife…who looks gorgeous.” Noah stares past me with a leer. “Hi, baby. Wanna fuck?”

“Hell yeah. I hope you took your vitamins this morning, mister. You’re going to need them.” She winks.

My sister-in-law is fantastic. Gorgeous, smart, funny—the all-around package. My brother is lucky, and I’m thrilled for them. They’re deliriously happy, and they deserve it. I