Miles of Pleasure - By Stephanie Nicole

Chapter 1

Look at him standing over there surrounded by all those women...acting all smug and showing off his chiseled body! He thinks he's Mister Perfect, and those women do nothing but feed his over-inflated ego, like it's not big enough already.

Even the guys worship him. Why? What is so great about Ashton Hunter? Sure, he sings pretty well, but there are plenty of good singers out there. Me? I'd take a drummer over a singer any day.

"Watching me again Kaylee?" Ashton asked, as he brushed past Kaylee, bumping his shoulder into hers. If she had been paying attention, she never would have let him get that close to her. Ashton always managed to inflict some sort of bodily harm when he got within two feet of her.

"Don't talk to me," she snapped.

"You sure you're 21? You act like a little baby."

Kaylee clenched her fists and glared at his back as he walked away. That boy was so infuriating! Of all the guys that her brother could have picked to be the singer in his band Miles of Pleasure, why did he have to choose Ashton? He just loved to pick on Kaylee any time he could. It was like a sport to him, to see how far he could push her.

No matter how strong Kaylee was, he always got to her. Any time someone else gave her shit, she could give it back to them two-fold. But when it came to Ashton, he seemed to get the best of her every time. Sure, she was able to come up with a few witty comebacks, but she always thought of them long after the fact. More often than not, she was at a loss for words.

Kaylee Miles was rarely tongue-tied or upset. She was always laid back and easygoing, usually getting along well with everyone - except Ashton, of course. She had friends far and wide, all of whom were drawn by her loyalty and openness. She made friends everywhere she went, even if she was in town only for the day when the band was touring.

She went everywhere with the band. Her brother Noah had started Miles of Pleasure about four years ago, and over the past year their popularity had grown immensely. Everywhere they went, they were recognized, either from the magazines and TV shows that had done features on them, or just on the virtues of their music itself.

Not only did they perform in the cities on thetour, but they also did a lot of publicity at each stop. Since the band was always so busy, Kaylee helped her brother by being hisPersonal Assistant. Noah didn't exactly need a full-time PA, but he and his sister were so close that he used it as an excuse to keep her around. Neither one of them had been very close to their parents, and had learned to rely on each other at an early age.

Most young men on the road might hate having their sister hanging around, but it never bothered Noah. He never felt that having his little sister around all the time was cramping his style with the ladies. Kaylee was a lot of fun, and never looked down on him for the choices he made when it came to female companionship.

But when the tables were turned, it was a different story. Noah was very protective when it came to guys wanting to be with his little sister.

"Breathe, Kaylee." Noah laughed as he walked up to his sister and put his hands on her shoulders. He found the bickering between his sister and Ashton funny, for the most part. But sometimes they got carried away, and Kaylee wound up with that stormy look on her face, and that annoyed the hell out of Noah.

"Come on, the bus is leaving soon," he said.

Soon after, the whole band was on the bus. They left the thruway rest stop and set back out on the road. Ashton and Colton, the bass player, were in the back of the bus playing a video game on the Xbox, while Kaylee, Noah, and Jayden, the drummer, sat up front playing cards.

The card players were having a great time, laughing and hollering as each hand came to an end. They were betting with pretzel sticks, and at the end of the night - just like most nights -- Kaylee was the one with all the pretzel sticks. She could bluff better than either of the guys, and in the end, that's what won her all the