Men Are Frogs (Fairy Godmothers, Inc. #2) - Saranna DeWylde Page 0,1

another and said, “Yes!”

“I have been noodling on this,” Jonquil said. “First, we shall start her testing the wedding favors and services from the local vendors. That way she gets to meet everyone, she knows what we have to offer clients, and I think it especially important we get her set up with one of those wish favors.”

Petty clapped gleefully. “Oh, you’re brilliant. Just brilliant.”

“But there’s more,” Jonquil teased in a singsong voice.

“For an additional twenty-nine ninety-five?” Bluebonnet asked.

“For free.” She tapped her wand on the long table. “Listen. We put her on the Petrovsky-Markhoff wedding. It’s important.”

Petunia narrowed her eyes. “Are we sure that’s what we should do? I mean, the last wedding she worked on, the bride took her dress off in front of everyone and lit it on fire. Fire, Jonquil.”

“Hmm. Quite.” Jonquil nodded. “Don’t tell me that you’d have done any less if you’d discovered your groom had been having an affair with the wedding planner. Actually, that’s really rather mild in comparison.”

“Oh yes!” Bluebonnet agreed. “The bride was quite reasonable. After all, it’s not like she turned a prince into a frog. Forever.”

Petunia rolled her eyes and flopped back in her chair. “Oh my gods. Will you two give it a rest? I have apologized profusely to Charming. And really, he hasn’t yet apologized to us, Bon-Bon. I mean, he’s sorry. I made him sorry.” Petty narrowed her eyes at the memory. “But the actual apology, being sorry for his actions because they were wrong, he hasn’t owned that.”

Jonquil shrugged. “His problem, I suppose. Maybe that’s why none of the kisses have worked to free him from his green hell?”

“Hmm,” Petty mused.

“Hmm,” Bon-Bon agreed.

“When you have time, dears, you should really look at their threads. They’re all tangled up like a cat in a basket of knitting,” Jonquil advised.

“I should start brewing headache powder now, shouldn’t I?” Petty asked.

Bluebonnet waved her off. “Oh, hush. You know this is your favorite part.”

Petty grinned. “It really is.”

“Seven weddings. I can’t believe it. I didn’t think this crazy scheme of yours was going to work.” Jonquil shook her head.

A knock sounded on the door before Gwen Borders stuck her head inside. She was new to Ever After, and their godchild Lucky’s best friend. Who Petty definitely wanted to marry Roderick, Ransom’s best friend. It was too perfect.

“My loves! How did you like the espresso brownies?” Gwen asked.

“We loved them. Petty ate most of them, but she needed the power boost,” Jonquil said.

“Where are the little monsters this morning?” Petunia asked, looking for Gwen’s children, Brittany and Steven.

“Grammy and Red took them out to the farm so they could help put in the garden.”

Everyone in the room knew that Brittany and Steven wouldn’t be putting in the garden, it would be more like getting covered in mud and playing with worms. Just as little children ought to do.

“Did we tell you we’re hiring an assistant?” Bluebonnet asked her.

“You told me you were interviewing.” Gwen pulled out another red box from behind her back and dropped it casually on the table. “You must keep your strength up.”

“You’re the best. Just the best,” Jonquil said.

This time, the box contained lemon bars with a candied ginger topping.

“So have you decided on someone?” Gwen prompted.

“Mmm,” Petty said around a mouth full of lemon bar. “She’s coming for the interview tomorrow. We’re counting on you to help her get settled in.”


Petty enjoyed how Gwen didn’t question how they knew they were going to hire her before the interview. Gwen accepted magic was real fairly easily and had integrated into their little world without a bit of trouble.

“Oh! I’ve heard from Lucky. She and Ransom are going to try to make it back for the spring carnival, but they’re still enjoying their honeymoon.”

Petty waved her hand. “Those two will be on their honeymoon for the rest of their lives.”

Bluebonnet and Jonquil sighed in unison.

“Isn’t it great?” Jonquil asked.

Gwen, who was recently divorced, smiled and said, “It really is.”

Petty looked at her sisters knowingly. Gwen had earned their help, not only by being Lucky’s best friend but also by not being jaded. By not hating love even though her own story hadn’t turned out the way she’d planned.

Fine, Jonquil mouthed.

Gwen picked up on the undercurrent. “What was that?”

“What was what, dear?” Petty asked her.

“You know very well what. Behave yourself, or I won’t bring you any more treats.”

Jonquil clutched her chest. “The betrayal. It burns. I can’t believe she’d threaten us with such torture.”

Gwen laughed. “You’re