Mason (Carter Brothers #2) - Lisa Helen Gray


Giving my room one more glance over, I make sure I haven’t forgotten anything, and sadness engulfs me. With the last of my bags packed and my Nan downstairs there isn’t anything else keeping me here.

My parents don’t want me, he doesn’t want me and I’m pretty sure this is how my life is going to be for the rest of my life.

For eighteen years now I’ve tried to make my parents be proud of me, but nothing I ever did was good enough. My news yesterday only confirmed what a disappointment I really am to them. It’s why I’m leaving with my Nan to live miles away.

My life really sucks.

“Are you ready Denny?’’ Nan asks sneaking up on me.

“Is it okay if I go say goodbye to my friends before we leave?’’

“Of course you can. I’m going to go see an old friend then, so why don’t you call me once you’ve finished and I’ll come pick you up.’’

“Sounds great,’’ I lie.

She leads me down the stairs to where my parents are. My mother is standing by the grand fireplace looking beet red in the face speaking in a low tone to my father. He’s sitting down in the armchair like a school boy getting told off by the teacher. That’s the thing about my dad; he doesn’t have a backbone where my mother is concerned. She says jump, he asks how high. It’s always been the same. God forbid he ever has an opinion.

“We’re off Charles. Denny is going to say goodbye to her friends, so I’ll go visit with Deborah.’’

“That sounds....,’’ my father starts.

“ a bad idea. After all, those friends of yours are to blame for corrupting you. You will do no such thing,’’ my mother interrupts, her face stone cold, void of any sort of emotion.

“Well then Vivian, it’s a good job she isn’t in your care anymore then isn’t it?’’ my Nan answers back. My lips twitch, knowing my Nan hates my mom as much as I do.

We live in what people call the richest part of town, where the houses are bigger and the people are stuck up. Most of them are anyway. My mother just seems to be the worst and heaven forbid someone answer her back. Seeing my Nan talk back to her is pretty funny.

“Charles and I can see this being a bad idea. Maybe it will be best if Denny find her own way. After all, living with you Mary, doesn’t seem like a good enough punishment.’’

“Well Vivian, you don’t get to decide. Denny turned eighteen last week, and legally, she is free to do as she pleases.’’

My Nan really does kick ass when she gets going!

“Don’t be absurd. She doesn’t turn eighteen until next week. I should know, I did give birth to her,’’ she says, twisting her face up in disgust.

“Yes you should know,’’ by Nan replies bitterly.

My mom opens her mouth to speak, but I interrupt her wanting to go see Harlow before I leave. I texted her on my way down the stairs asking if it was okay if I went over and she replied with a ‘hell yes’.

“It was last week mom. You would know if you ever paid any attention to me,’’ I snap, feeling brave. I’m just so angry at them, more so at my dad for not speaking up for me when mom was laying into me.

“Don’t talk back to me young lady. You’re still young enough to get a spanking. Just get out of my house now. Get out! I’ll not have you insulting me in my own home,’’ she yells.

“Goodbye dad,’’ I tell him quietly.

He looks up at me with sad eyes and for a minute a spark of hope hits me, hoping he’ll stand up to my mother and stand by my side for once. He opens his mouth, but my mom steps next to him squeezing his shoulders. My Nan tuts in disgust before helping me carry the last of my luggage to the car. I couldn’t leave anything to chance knowing my mother will have my room emptied the second the door is shut, so I packed pretty much everything that is important to me.

*** *** *** *** **** ****

Lying down on Harlow’s bed her phone rings startling me. I still haven’t managed to tell her what’s going on. I guess I feel like if I tell her then it will all be real, and I’m not ready for that.

It doesn’t help my head is still next