Manfax (Winter Brothers #2) - Jacob Chance



“Is this guy for real?” I mutter as I look over the report my company, Manfax, has run. In the past six months alone four women have requested information on him and his dating history. He’s our most frequent flyer, and he has no idea.

I pause, studying his information. What’s so special about this guy?

Name: Adam Winters.

It’s fine as names go, but nothing fantastic. Nothing that would lead you to believe he bed hops more than a bedbug. Gross. I shake my head to rid myself of the visual.

Height: Six feet two inches.

He’s definitely got the height advantage going for him.

Age: Thirty-five.

He’s not that young, but maturity-wise, he’s probably more like twenty-three.

It’s not until my gaze moves down to the close-up image that I truly understand what the big attraction for all these women is about—or at least part of it.

His medium brown hair is cut close on the sides, and the longer strands on top of his head are sexily tousled, like he recently finished making some lucky lady’s day between her thighs.

Forest green eyes suck me under like quicksand, and my stomach feels all fluttery. Frowning, I wrap an arm around my waist. I’m not usually a fluttery stomach kind of woman.

My eyes continue on their journey over the rest of his features, taking in the straight nose and a jawline that could’ve been chiseled from granite. There’s no doubt about it, Adam is drop-dead gorgeous.

Pausing on the roguish smile twisting his masculine lips, I wonder what sordid thoughts were running through his mind when this photo was taken.

Knuckles rap against my door jamb, snapping my attention to the petite woman poking her head in my office. “How’s it going?”

“Hey, Lisa. Here.” I pick up the stack of folders, and she moves forward, scooping them into her arms. “These investigations are all complete, so invoices with the remaining balances can be sent out.”

“Perfect. I’ll get them done before I get out of here.” She glances down at Adam’s folder on top. “Isn’t this the same guy we’ve had requests for before?”

I snort. “Yep. I feel like he should be getting rewarded for all the repeat business he brings us. He’s a legend here and he doesn’t even know. Maybe I should send him a gift card or something.”

“Nah. Don’t worry about it. He’s probably a tool. At the very least, he’s a serial dater. What’s he look like anyway?” She opens up the folder, thumbing through the pages. Her dark brows pop upward on her forehead, and I know she’s found his picture. “Oh, damn. I think I get it now.”

I laugh. “Right? He’s definitely eye candy. But guys that good-looking always seem to be the biggest commitment phobes around. Is it because there’s such a large volume of women out there for them to sample that they’re afraid they’ll miss out if they settle down?”

Lisa shrugs, her tight corkscrew curls bouncing on her shoulders. “Are you asking a rhetorical question or do you think I know the answer? My horrible dating history speaks for itself. I’m not qualified to state any opinions.”

“Your guess is as good as mine, if not better. I’m in the same position as you and I’m older, so my record is more pathetic. Just give me your opinion for shits and giggles.”

She rolls her lips inward before she forms her reply. “I think when a male or female is extremely attractive, there’s a certain amount of attention they grow accustomed to receiving. In fact, they may come to expect it. Maybe they’ll even crave it to a certain extent to make themselves feel validated.”

Her answer impressed me. “Wow. You sound like you’ve given this some thought.”

“Doesn’t every woman have a hot commitment phobe in their past who makes them rethink their poor life choices?”

“Unfortunately, for me, I’ve always been the one to shy away from any permanence in my relationships.”

“Yeah, and you’re hot too. Maybe you thrive on the attention you get from men and want the chase to keep going on.”

“Oh, God.” I wave my hand, “It’s been a long day. Much too long to try to figure out my own issues. No one’s got time for that.” I smile. “That involves copious amounts of alcohol and chocolate, and I’m doing keto now, so both of those treats are out.”

Lisa arches a brow. “What are you dieting for?”

“Summer’s here, and I plan to spend as much time in a bathing suit as I can.”

“Wouldn’t that involve you taking a day or two off?