Luke (Bossy Brothers #7) - JA Huss Page 0,1

told me to go put myself out there. Now you’re gonna get all jealous?”

She smirks, but doesn’t look at me. Just pretends to be interested in everything happening around us.

“Whatever.” I take my attention back to the packed dance floor and try to shrug off her grip.

“Zach,” she says, her hands tightening around my biceps as she once again leans up to get closer to me. “His name is Zach.”

“How do you know that?”

“I told you. I was with him last weekend. He asked me to meet him here tonight. But I got held up, so I was late. I guess he started without me. But it’s OK. I’m not the jealous type.”

I realize I’m looking at her again, but catch myself and turn my head to the right to think this through.

Was he with this girl last weekend?

Dumas Water Adventures—my part of the family business—goes off during the summer. We are busy every day, all day long. But I was getting a little bored with renting out hydroboards and doing jet ski tours, so this year I added a floating beachside bar and bought a new yacht to run overnight dive trips. I also, for the first time ever, hired a shitload of people to help me out so I could concentrate on the new yacht. Last weekend was my first official overnight client. Zach was gonna come along, but he partied pretty hard the night before and was nursing a wicked hangover, so I told him to stay home.

“What did you guys do?”


Oh. Now she’s acting like she’s not interested in me. Fucking girls. This is why I prefer men. Girls are so sneaky. Always playing games. Like what is her deal? Does she know I’m with Zach and she’s just… what? Testing the waters? Insinuating that he’s cheating on me?

He’s not.

We don’t have that kind of relationship.

He likes girls and, hell, I like girls too. So we’re always dating girls. In fact, the whole time we’ve been together, we’ve dated approximately… I pause to count them up.

There was Christine. Lydia. Shawna. Bella. Mary Jane—whatever happened to her? Sheila. Cathy. Kathy with a K. Lisa and her BFF Ryella—that was the time we decided that the twofer wasn’t our thing. Then there was Margo. Then Natalie. Then Tina and her boyfriend—which was interesting. I chuckle a little at the memory. Won’t do that again, either.

But my point is, we’ve dated a lot of people.

Just… not separately.

Well, occasionally Zach will go out, find a girl, and bring her home so we can share her.

Hmm. I turn my head and look down my nose at Princess Euphemia again. She’s still smirking up at me. Did he invite her here so we can share her?

I glance back at the dance floor to watch Zach writhe against the two hot-as-fuck women. They are both blonde and very tan. One is wearing a neon-yellow halter and skirt so short, it doesn’t even pretend to cover her panties. I’ve tagged her Dandelion. The other one is wearing straps. That’s it. Just straps. Which is also her tag. They criss-cross her breasts, barely hiding her nipples. Then there’s a thin strip that disappears between her legs.

I was already picturing us with them. And now I have to readjust for stupid Euphemia here.

Pink-haired girls are never a good idea. Trust me, I’ve dated a few and even though they are pretty fun—and maybe even a little bit my type—they are always nuts. And this one looks like she plans on living up to the stereotype.

“Want me to introduce you?”

“What?” I actually laugh.

“I told you. I’m not the kind of girl who gets jealous. And I get the feeling he’s open to the plural stuff.”

She’s right about that. Zach likes dynamic relationships.

She takes my hand and starts tugging me towards the dance floor. I set my glass of whiskey down on a passing tray, because even though I didn’t come here looking for a pink princess tonight, if I play it right, this night could end up being very fun.

Euphemia stops abruptly and I bump into her. Then she’s pressing her breasts up against my chest and leaning up on her tiptoes to reach my ear. “Just… pretend we’re together. OK?”

My hands automatically grab her hips and I sway her a little. “We are together.”

She pats my chest. “Good answer. I wanna play a little game with him. Make him jealous.”

I lean down in her ear now. She smells really good. Like jasmine and blackberries. “What if