Loves Me NOT - Alexis Winter



“Come on, man! One more shot before we go in. You know you’re going to need it with these girls making us dance during every single song,” my friend Mark says, pushing a bottle of Jameson my way.

“Dude, we’ve drunk half that bottle already. Not to mention wiping out that six-pack while getting ready,” I argue. My vision is already doubling. I’d hate to vomit all over Destiny’s dress. She’d kill me for sure. If nothing else, she’d never let me live it down.

“Dude,” is all he says, still holding out the bottle.

I shake my head. Clearly, it would be easier to take another sip than to argue about it. “Fine,” I say, ripping the bottle out of his hands and swallowing down a long gulp.

When I pull the bottle away, I cough and get the sudden urge to puke, but somehow hold it back as I sputter out, “Let’s go before these girls lose their shit.”

We climb out of the limo and find the girls waiting for us.

“About time,” Destiny says, wrapping her hand around my arm.

“I know. Mark just wouldn’t come off it.” My eyes fall from her beautiful face down to her chest, where her breasts are pushed up nicely thanks to the fancy prom dress.

She laughs and bumps her shoulder into mine when she notices. “There’s plenty of time for that later, Mister. Right now, you owe me a dance.” She flashes me a smile and her blue eyes light up.

Seeing her in this big white dress only makes me think of the ring I have sitting at home in my dresser drawer. I know we’re young, but I don’t care. I’m going to marry this girl, and I plan on asking her the day we graduate. Only two more weeks until I have that ring on her finger. I’m counting the minutes.

I know a guy my age shouldn’t be thinking about getting married. Most guys my age are only talking about going away to college and the fun they’ll have. But I’m not planning on going to college. Why would I when I have a good job waiting for me at my family’s brewery? I’m all set to become director of marketing, and I’ve already learned from the best when it comes to doing that job.

When we walk into the entrance of the gym, we hand over our tickets and wait in line to have our pictures taken. I wrap my arm around Destiny and pull her close, inhaling her sweet scent. I pull back.

“Are you wearing a different perfume?”

She smiles and nods. “Do you like it? It’s my mom’s fancy stuff. She never lets me use it, but it was a special occasion tonight.” She shrugs one shoulder.

“I like it, but I like the kind you always wear better.” I bend my head down and brush my lips against hers.

“Next!” the man taking the pictures yells, and we all step forward in line as Mark and Julie go to stand in front of the backdrop.

“I love the color of her dress. I wish I would’ve found one in that color,” Destiny says about Julie’s light-colored baby blue dress. It’s almost the exact same as Destiny’s, or at least it looks that way to me. They’re both long, puffy, strapless, and form-fitting around their chests. The only difference I see is the color.

I lean in. “I like you in white,” I say, causing her cheeks to flush.

“Next!” the man yells again, and we go stand on the tape for our pictures.

Minutes later, we’re on the dance floor, and Destiny is wrapped up in my arms. Blue lights are flashing around us as we move back and forth to the beat of the music.

“Damn, look at them moves,” Julie says with a wide smile.

I flash her a grin but don’t respond. Lately, I think Destiny’s been getting jealous when Julie and I have our usual banter. She says I’m flirting, but I’m a natural flirt and do it without even realizing it. Mark couldn’t care less. In fact, he purposely flirts with Destiny. I try not to think too much about any of it. Mark is my best friend and has been since day one of kindergarten. And Destiny and Julie have been friends for years. If nothing else, I hope Destiny sees how much I love her and that I’d never do anything to risk what we have. I hope to end all that doubt when I put that ring on her finger in two weeks.