At Long Last - By N.R. DeRaj

At Long Last

A Romantic Short


N.R. DeRaj

I took a deep breath as I sat on the edge of the tub, my white gown pulled up near my hips. Gently, I tightened the elastic straps connecting the stockings to my garter belt, careful not to cause a rip in the delicate fabric. My mind replayed the day's events in my head as I reached behind my back to loosen the corset-like ties of my dress—the beautiful white and gold ceremony, tearful wedding vows, his lips brushing against mine afterwards, the cheerful dancing and pouring of wine, dinner and dancing. I could not have dreamt of a lovelier wedding day, or a more wonderful person to share it with.

Arion had won my heart from the first date. He was not the rugged, muscular type of man which my friends always sought, but he was perfect for me. I loved everything about him—his light brown eyes, his clean-shaven and kind face, his messy dark tresses. I loved his lean physique, his height, and the fact that I was able to look in his eyes and wrap my arms around his neck when we kissed.

We’d met at college in a psychology class, a month after my 19th birthday. Arion was a year older than me, quiet, and very intelligent. While I was struggling with the class, he easily completed assignments without any problem. I boldly asked him one afternoon to help me study for the mid-term exam, and then talked him into meeting me at the campus coffee shop. He was accommodating, patient, and understanding as he explained cognitive development to me, a subject that completely bypassed my understanding, and I was charmed by his amiable personality. After a few study sessions, he asked me to join him for dinner. The subsequent years of restaurants, movies, and various dates seemed to have passed quickly now that I was sitting in the bathroom of our honeymoon suite after a day of elaborate celebration.

Although we’d dated for five years and been engaged for another two before getting married, Arion and I had never consummated our relationship. I’d never been with a man and wanted to save myself for the right opportunity. As always, Arion was supportive and understanding of my desires and agreed that we should wait until our wedding night to be together.

There’d been several times throughout our relationship that we’d nearly broken our pact, especially after the engagement. I found Arion very attractive and it was hard to resist him at times. Once we graduated college and were free of dorms and roommates, the temptation to ask Arion to stay the night was greater than ever. Arion had always been strong-willed though, and urged me to keep true to the promise I’d made myself. He refused to treat me with anything other than honour and respect, and always kept my happiness and best interests at heart.

I loved him more than words or simple wedding vows could explain, and I couldn't imagine a more wonderful man to give myself to.

I took another deep breath in an effort to calm myself, but it rattled in my throat. The night that Arion and I had spent seven years waiting for was finally here, and I was undeniably nervous. With the corset back loosened, I slid my satin gown to the floor and quickly gathered up the fabric. Placing it on a hanger, I pulled the garment bag around it and slowly zipped it closed before turning to look at myself in the mirror. A light pink flush had already formed over the pale skin of my upper chest and cheeks, and I was certain it was not caused by the wine I’d sipped at the reception.

I’d worn my honeymoon lingerie under my gown—a white corset with baby blue trim at the top and bottom edges and a pair of low-cut white panties. I opted to leave the pale blue garter belt and sheer hose on as well, but removed my satin shoes and placed them beside the door. I gave myself a slow look-over in the mirror, smoothing out my lingerie and wondering if Arion would approve of what I chose to wear. I turned to the side and straightened the stockings, then placed my hands under the cups of my corset, pushing up a little to see if it enhanced my bust.

I imagined Arion's hands were pushing at my chest instead, and a small sigh escaped from my mouth. My face flushed darker and I quickly dropped my