The Lion's Witchy Mate - Elle Boon

Chapter One

Thadd jerked awake, sweat rolling off him in waves as the recurring nightmare he’d been having, ever since that crazy pink haired dragon chick had visited them woke him again. “Fuck,” he muttered, noticing not for the first time his one hand was gripping the sheet while the other had a death grip on his dick. Even in sleep, he was clearly a bipolar asshole. Well, he wasn’t really as crazy as he let others think he was. He just enjoyed fucking with people. Besides, it was free entertainment, and in his world, anything that was free was a win-win. He got a good laugh, and he got to fuck with those he felt deserved to be a little pissed off.

“I’m not jacking you off, again.” He pumped his hand up and down his dick because it was his dick, and he could do what he wanted with it. Jacking off or not, it really was his to do with as he pleased. “Fine, I’m jacking off but only because I’m hard and handy.”

He didn’t take the time to really enjoy his morning get off, but at least he wouldn’t be walking around with a pole in his jeans. By the time he pumped himself to a not quite earth-shattering climax, the nightmare was a distant memory. That was until he climbed out of bed, nearly tripping on the silver booty shorts with tassels dangling off of them. A tidbit of his dream punched him in the face, or maybe it was the memory of a big man who seemed intent on keeping Thadd from the female in his dream world. “You’re gonna need to be bigger than that, son.” Saying the words out loud made him feel better. Although if anyone would’ve overheard him, they’d say he was crazy, but in his mind—crazy is as crazy does. The pink dragon chick, she was definitely certifiable. He, on the other hand, was not.

Thaddeus Winchester, better known as Thadd, picked up the silver stripper shorts, laying them on the bench at the end of his bed. He was actually quite fond of them if truth be known. Although they did give a dick-slip, a little worse, or maybe better than a nip-slip since it was his dick, and in his opinion, it was quite glorious. It was all in perspective, and if you were another male, seeing his dick hanging out from the bottom of the clearly too short bottoms, well, it could be unpleasant if you’re the other male and your dick didn’t measure up. In Thadd’s mind, that really wasn’t his problem.

Again, his mind pulled up an image of a petite woman with long red hair and bright blue eyes. Their once gorgeous and intelligent orbs dimmed as she stared up at him unblinking. He nearly fell to his knees as he pictured the macabre scene. His stomach churned at the sight of the lifeless female with blood spreading all around her body. He wanted to hold her, hating to see her looking cold and alone against the grey concrete. He tried to make out any other clue as to where the vision had taken place, but the only thing he could see clearly was her. “Over my dead fucking body, upendo.” Saying a term of endearment made himself feel better. Her long fiery red hair mixed with the red of her blood making his lion roar to be released.

He remembered the feel of her cool skin when he’d reached down, touching her smooth cheek. Even now he jerked his hand back, staring down at his palm as if he could negate the premonition. He’d been getting the fucking warnings of things to come for as long as he could remember, freaking his parents out so much they’d forbid him to speak of his unique abilities to anyone within their Crew. Most thought he’d be the next King of the Lions since his father was the reigning one. What they didn’t know was his mother had jumped the fence to see how the grass looked and felt on the other side, coming back with a little cub in her that wasn’t her mate’s. Thadd guessed he should be thankful his father, or rather his mother’s husband hadn’t killed him at birth as was the normal thing to do amongst lions.

A growl escaped him along with thoughts of the bastard, which was what he called the fucker who’d raised him the first fourteen years of his life. Luckily for him,