The Kiss (Playboy Pact #1) - M. Robinson



There I was…

Sitting on her fucking swing in the middle of the night, freezing my balls off. It was October, and it was already cold in Tennessee. There I sat for the last hour, waiting.

For her.

We’d spent half our lives on this very swing set, me pushing her, talking about nothing… and everything.

That was our friendship.

Our dynamic.

Our relationship.

We were friends—best friends.

It was easy.



Like Donna and David, Cory and Topanga, Monica and Chandler—I don’t know why I was comparing our friendship to a bunch of 90’s chick flick shows but here we were. She made me watch them all on Hulu.

Fuck my life.

She was my neighbor for as long as I could remember. The person I counted on to be there for me, aside from my other three best friends who were more like family too. The difference between her and them…

She had tits.

An ass.

A pussy I wanted to have sit on my face.

I know, I know, so very vulgar. But hey, that was me. I was a guy, a dude, I scratched my balls and belched on command. I was a man who said and did what he wanted. No questions asked.

I didn’t do long term.

I didn’t commit.

I didn’t fall in love.

I hooked up.

I messed around.

I plowed my hose into any garden that needed a good weeding.

To put it in laymen’s terms, I fucked.

A lot.

I enjoyed hooking up. I was damn good at it, and my reputation preceded me. In fact, my big dick was the talk of the town. Big dick Leo, it was what everyone knew me as. Not really, but a guy could dream. Don’t shit on my parade, okay? This was my story and in my story my cock was king.

Mila saw who I was, how I was. It was never a problem or an issue, more of an eye roll, and a shake of her head.

She accepted me.

Hell, she even helped me score chicks and seal the deal sometimes. She was the best wing woman, better than my boys. Shit, our setup went hand-in-hand. I helped her score dick, get laid, go on dates.

We had a system.

An understanding.

An unspoken arrangement.

We were there for each other, through thick and thin. Nothing could break our tight ass bond.

At least I thought so.

Everything was fine.


No drama.

No bullshit.

Just Leo and Mila.

Mila and Leo.

Until she started dating one of my boys. Yes, one of the three best friends I just spoke about. He asked me for permission, but it didn’t matter. She wasn’t mine. I didn’t claim her.

We were just best friends. However, a guy and a girl couldn’t just be close without emotions getting involved, right?




Yeah, I felt all of that. For the first time in my life, Mila wasn’t merely a girl I trusted and hung out with on a regular basis.

She had become…

The woman I was in love with.

I was ready to break the almighty Playboy Pact.

The one I created, stood by, and lived since I was sixteen years old. For the last six years of my life, it was my code.

My allegiance.

It represented loyalty to my other three best friends to stay single and never fall in love.

It was my idea.

Brilliant fucking idea that was!

To form unity.

A bond that could never be broken. A connection so strong that no girl could ever come in between us.

God, I sound like a fucking pussy.

In order to explain, I was going to have to go back to the beginning. The very beginning that fateful night all those years ago, the night that would change the course of our lives and have me sitting on a swing set in the middle of the night, my balls now completely numb from sitting on this cold ass swing.


For her.

Chapter 1


Six years ago

“How’s he doing?” I asked my best friend Leo, sitting next to him on the couch, which looked more like a bed, in his cabin while he played Halo on Xbox.

Him and his father spent months building this cabin on their land. They owned twenty acres filled with beautiful trees and greenery. Their home was massive, a full staff was needed just to keep up with the landscaping. Leo’s dad was the best general contractor in our small town of Monteagle, Tennessee. Everyone knew who Mountainside Building belonged to. He had more work than he knew what to do with, and jobs were piling up on a daily basis.

This was why he was hardly ever around, and I was pretty sure this was why he appeased Leo and built this cabin for