Just One Glance (Oh Tequila #5) - C.A. Harms


It was no fucking secret that I didn’t handle my liquor well. Get me wasted and I would do shit like strip naked and start whipping my dick around like it’s those tassels strippers wear on their titties. No joke, man, it happened, for real. I was buck-ass naked, swinging my hips, my meat and potatoes on full display for a house full of college kids, both guys and girls, to see.

I even decorated myself with streamers. Who does that fucking shit? Me, drunk ass me, that’s who.

Now that shit fucking haunts me daily. A hashtag, #dicksaswinging is on every damn picture I’m in throughout every social media account. We did charitable events and they used that shit to bring in extra attention. I found dildos, tiny fake penises, and printed out pictures of cocks stuffed all over the place on most days. For my birthday, my brothers bought me a bag of dicks. Tiny ass dick candies that is, so what did I do? I sat down on the couch, turned on the ballgame, and ate every one of those little dicks by myself. I did not share.

These last few months had been a rough one on all of us. We lost a brother this year, hell, we almost lost two. Brent was killed unexpectedly in a motorcycle accident and in the aftermath, Corbin hit an ultimate low from the grief of not only being there when it happened but surviving when Brent didn’t. It ate him alive until Palmer refused to let him fade away. She was by far the best fucking thing that had ever happened to him.

I sat in the corner of the room, observing my brothers, each dancing and laughing with their girls and those single hoping to hook up. As I continued around the room, looking at each and every one of them, I took in those who didn’t belong to the fraternity.

We all needed this party, we needed a night to just let loose. It was the first since we lost Brent and his absence was felt. As I continued I saw a glimpse of red, then it was gone. Backtracking, I found it again and the gorgeous legs peeking out from beneath it too. Thin, tan, and fit, like those of a runner maybe. Continuing upward I took in the trim waist, the perfect tits, not too big but the perfect handful. The red dress hugged her perfect body and made my blood pump a little faster. Upward I went, my gaze connecting with a curious set of eyes.

She stared at me, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her either. Short brown hair, the perfect smile, though she was doing everything she could to fight it. She was losing fast.

Fuck. Why did I feel like taking in a breath was a struggle?

Pushing off the wall she was leaning on, she began walking toward me and my heart beat harder and faster.

“You’re Jay, right?” the brown-haired beauty asked when she’d finally reached me. Those fuck-me eyes she was giving me made me momentarily lose my mind. So I just nodded. Like a damn adolescent virgin boy, I nodded.

She smiled, leaned in a little closer, and shocked me to my fucking core. “My name is Ruby, and call me curious, but I was hoping you’d give me a private showing of your performance last year. Maybe without the streamers of course, I don’t really want anything to obstruct my view.”

She said this as she looked down at my cock, then to top it off she bit her lip and tilted her head just slightly. And again I was fucking speechless.

Maybe getting drunk on tequila and swinging my dick around at a party that over a hundred people were at wasn’t such a bad thing. Or was it?

Chapter One


I hated being considered the good girl, it just meant when I did mess up, even in the smallest of ways, it was truly the end of the world. Or so my father would make it out to be. Straight A’s, high honors, when others were out with friends I was preparing for my next round of exams. There was never time to be a kid, never time to let go and just have fun.

Which also meant meeting guys was difficult. After all, who wanted to date the daughter of the Dean? I might as well have walked around with a bag over my head because no one ever looked my way. When they did it was