Just To Be With You - Bella Andre

Bella Andre - The Sullivans #12 - Just To Be With You

Just To Be With You (The Sullivans #12)
Bella Andre



Rain fell steadily outside the floor-to-ceiling windows of the Sullivan Investments skyscraper, just as it had for the past several days. Coffee shops seemed to outnumber all other retail outlets in the city two to one. And Ian Sullivan’s sister, Mia, had already texted him a half-dozen times to remind him that he’d better not show up late to dinner at their parents’ house tonight because of a last-minute meeting.

And yet, despite all that, it was good to be back in Seattle.

Surprisingly good.

Ian had worked out of the London office for the past several years, and his European investments were thriving as a result. But now that Sullivan Investments was on the verge of making a massive investment in eAirBox, an innovative cloud-based digital storage company based in Seattle, it had made sense to finally head back home. Plus, two of his siblings would be getting married and starting families soon, and Ian had already missed too many pivotal moments in his siblings’ lives by being an ocean away.

In any case, Ian was glad that he’d been able to keep it all in the family with the deal he’d made today with Jake McCann on his very successful chain of McCann’s Irish pubs. Jake was not only a genius at coming up with artisanal brews, he was also married to Sophie, one of Ian’s cousins from San Francisco. Though he knew he was breaking one of the tried and true rules of doing business, in Ian’s experience, working with family had always been not only enjoyable, but also extremely profitable.

“I’m glad we were able to make this deal work, Ian,” Jake said through the video conference feed set up in one of Ian’s smaller conference rooms on the 15th floor.

Jake’s T-shirt put his tattoos on full display, and though he was an incredibly intelligent guy with great business sense, it wasn’t much of a stretch to look at him and guess that he’d come from a pretty rough upbringing. Ian would never have imagined that his soft-spoken librarian cousin and Jake would work as a couple, especially considering the story that Jake had gotten Sophie pregnant during a one-night stand. But they’d turned out to be one hell of a good team, and Ian was happy for both of them.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for what you’ve done with your pubs, Jake. Everyone here is glad we can be a part of your expansion.” When Ian’s head legal counsel excused himself from the meeting to take an urgent call, he took the meeting in a personal direction. “How are Sophie and the twins doing? Smith and Jackie must be getting big.”

“Hold on a sec and I’ll show you.” Jake got up from the chair in his home office and returned a short while later with a kid squirming under each arm. “Kids, say hi to your Uncle Ian.”

Jake and Sophie’s twins were ridiculously cute as they waved and grinned at him. Jackie had crumbs all over her hands and face, and Smith’s dark hair was standing on end as if he’d just woken up from a heavy-duty nap.

Ian didn’t have a clue how Jake managed to run his business so well and have time to take care of his wife and kids, too. Marriage was the only thing that Ian had ever failed at, so badly that he’d come out of it one hundred percent certain that a wife would never—and should never—be in his future again. Which meant kids were out of the picture, too. Fortunately, there were plenty of Sullivan babies to spoil rotten.

Ian had just said his own hellos to the twins when they wriggled out of Jake’s grip and made a break for it. Ian heard Sophie’s laughter as she scooped them up just before she came in range of the camera’s lens.

“Hey, cuz.” Sophie seemed utterly unperturbed by the fact that her kids were not just squirming like crazy now, but were also trying to pull each other’s hair. “I’d love to catch up more, but since it looks like I’m going to have to break up a baby brawl in a minute, I wanted to let you know that I’m supposed to tell you not to be late to your mom and dad’s house for dinner tonight. Or else.”

“Mia texted you, too?”

Jake and Sophie just laughed as they split the kids between them and