The Jezebel - Dylan Allen

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Praise for Rivers Wilde

“From the cover, to the characters, to the intricate plot and interesting secondary characters, it just worked and I loved everything about it. Highly recommended!” --Book Twins Reviews

“You can tell Allen poured herself into this story completely because it exudes everything that is her. Brilliance, awe inspiring, riveting, captivating, emotional, inspirational, unexpected and spectacular!” -- @4_the_love_of_books

“Epic Love...they had it in spades!!! Remi’s story was a roller coaster of emotions...a ride I never wanted to end!” --Keri Loves Books

“...I love Dylan Allen's writing so freaking much! Just Get this book as soon as it comes out and do yourself a favour.” --The E-Book Addict

“The drama, the mystery, the intrigue and the love...all the love. It's like the tv show Dynasty and The Notebook had a love child...and it's beautiful!!” --Bibliophile Chloe

“It's an angst fueled roller coaster. Buckle up, and enjoy the ride.”--The Romance Rebel

“The Legend by Dylan Allen gripped my heart from the beginning and stole my breath away completely. This story was simply mind blowing and captivating. This beautifully written epic saga of timeless love is full of angst, drama, heartbreak, passion and every delicious feeling.” --PP’s Bookshelf

To my niece, Laila.

I can’t wait to watch you set the world alight with your magnificent mind.

I love you.

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The Jezebel is the third stand alone in the Rivers Wilde Series.

Located in the dynamic city of Houston, TX, Rivers Wilde is an enclave carved into a parcel of the most valuable and coveted land in all of South East Texas.

The enclave is home to the two families that it’s named after. The Rivers are old, Texas money. Sugar, oil, and natural gas are how they made their fortune. And with that bounty, they helped found the city of Houston.

The Wildes are the new money. The bourgeoisie. They built their wealth in restaurants, grocery stores and real estate. And they have made a fortune that casts the old money into the shade.

In the 1980s, the oil markets were crashing and the Rivers found themselves hard up for cash. With no other viable options, they sold part of their precious land to the usurpers they’d previously refused to even acknowledge.

Seeds of resentment burrowed deep into the fertile soil of their dislike and grew tenacious roots. Thirty years later, the rivalry continues. Even though, now, no one remembers what started it and just why the blood between the families is so bad.

Today in Rivers Wilde, a new generation is coming to the helm of power in both families. Will they put the past behind them and usher in a new era of cooperation between the two ruling families in Houston? Or will the sins of their fathers continue to cast a shadow over them?

I hope you enjoy finding out!

Welcome to Rivers Wilde.

Present Day


The Jezebel’s Undoing


“I need to speak with you.”

The unexpected sound of my husband’s voice nearly stops my heart. My reflexive gasp draws soap and water into my nose and throat, and I cough violently to clear it. I turn the water off and meet his unreadable gaze in the mirror.

The burn of mint scented face wash invading my nostrils and stinging my eyes barely registers against the shock of seeing him standing in my bathroom when he should be on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

I grab a towel from the small pile on my counter and wipe the soap off haphazardly and turn to face him. “Why are you here?” I demand.

He raises one gray flecked eyebrow as if surprised by my question. “This is my house. You are still my wife.” He curls his lip and drags a possessive gaze over my towel clad, shower damp body.

I resist the urge to cross my arms over my chest and glower at him. “Please leave, now.”

He shakes his head slowly; one side of his thin mouth curls upward in a sneer. “I’ll wait for you in the bedroom.” He informs me, and then he turns and walks out of the