Janie (The Casanova Club #15) - Ali Parker


Love will find you when you least expect it.

I can’t count how many times people have said those words to me, but I’ve never believed them.

Maybe that’s because I found love once and it broke me when I lost it. I watched my best friend fall in love with a cowboy last year.

She took charge of her life, found what she wanted, and went for it. But me? I got left behind in New York. And damn if I can’t shake Piper’s ex, Max Fisher, from my mind.

Distance ruined us but love kept us tethered together somehow. When I call him from my bathtub drowning in my sorrows and self-pity, he throws me a curveball. Knowing I need a change, I accept a job offer from him and pack up my life to move to Silicon Valley. A second chance maybe?

I want him more than I’ve wanted anything before. The catch is, there’s a crazy woman in his life who wants him just as much as I do. Well, she’s going to have a fight on her hands because this billionaire is mine.


To my Casanova Ladies! You guys asked for Happy Ever Afters, and I heard you! Forgive me for taking so long, but I hope it was well worth the wait. Max needs a HEA and here it is. I hope you love it. Thanks for your notes, your encouragement and for just being you. Love you ladies!

<3 Ali


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Chapter 1


My back burned.

The late afternoon summer sun shone through the windows behind me as I clicked through photo after photo on my work computer. The heat prickled across my shoulders and upper back, both exposed in the dress I was wearing with thick straps but a scoop cut on the back and front.

The suntan lines would most definitely be problematic.

I pushed up out of my office chair. It squeaked softly, as if reminding me the workday wasn’t over and I still had three hours to go where my butt belonged upon its soft white leather. Turning my back on my desk, I paced to the window, where I struggled unnecessarily with the newly installed blinds in my office until I managed to lower them halfway and block the sun blasting in.

Before returning to my desk, I peered down to the street below.

Up here on the top floor of the Casanova Club office tower, I had a view of half of Manhattan spread out below. From my bird’s eye view, it looked like a Lego city with tiny Lego people milling around in sun dresses, shorts, sandals, and baseball caps. It had been a sweltering hot July, and even though I was grateful for the air conditioning in my new office, I wished I was out in the glorious summer weather sipping margaritas on a patio or lounging on one of the chairs on my apartment balcony with a good book.

Then again, it had been a while since I had my nose buried between the pages of a book. Probably since Piper moved to the ranch to live with her husband, Wyatt. She had herself a new man, a new life, a new home, and a shiny new future.

And here I was in the office I always thought I wanted, realizing all too late that maybe it wasn’t what I wanted after all.

What else could explain this feeling of loneliness that seemed to get deeper and darker with every passing week of work?

Down below, perched on the corner of an intersection, stood a man and woman. It was hard to tell from all the way up here but it looked to me like they had their arms linked and she had her head resting on his shoulder. She wore a blue dress and a matching ribbon in her hair, and even here, thirty stories over their heads and trapped behind glass, I could tell they were happy.

With a sigh, I pushed away from the window and took five paces back to my desk, where I slumped heavily back into my chair.