Intercepted Risk (Aegis Group Task Force #5) - Sidney Bristol


Monday. Aegis Group Offices, Seattle, Washington.

Logan Muller pressed his hand against his side. The stiff envelop crinkled in his sport coat pocket. It felt like he had a hundred pounds of led in there instead of the single piece of folded paper.

This was the right thing to do.

Wasn’t it?

He could sense a weight slowly being lowered. It wasn’t resting on him. Not yet. But as soon as he turned in his notice, that weight would be firmly on his shoulders.

His parents would never ask him to come home. That wasn’t who they were. They’d both left the reservation where they’d been born when to blaze their own path. Do what they were passionate about.

Passion had never factored into Logan’s decisions. He’d made the logical choice for himself when he’d been eighteen to enlist and then join the SEALs. He’d been methodical about it, preparing his body and mind for the tasks ahead. Due to cutbacks on the military, his career had ended before he was ready. But even then his path had been clear. Zain Lloyd had seemingly swooped out of nowhere to offer Logan a job that sounded too good to be true. Quite frankly, the money working for Aegis Group wasn’t something Logan could afford to pass up. Especially since he knew the days of earning money off his physical abilities were limited. He might have to live off his savings for a long time.

Mom and Dad had moved back onto the reservation for their retirement to be closer to family. They had money to live off and a home they’d built. But they didn’t get around very well. He feared what they needed most was him, but they wouldn’t come out and say such a thing.

When Logan had drafted his notice, he’d felt as though he’d finally come to the right decision. So why was his gut about to revolt?

Was it his team? Because they’d understand. They all had family. Someone else would take his place. Logan even had a few names in mind for who might be a good fit. Normally in a situation like this, the team’s second in command would step up. But with his second, Tucker, Logan didn’t think the other man was ready. Hell, Tucker probably didn’t even want the job.

Then there was Evan. And Jamie and Harper.

The elevator dinged, and the doors slid open on the third floor of the building.

When Aegis Group had opened the Seattle office, it had comprised one floor. And they’d had to spread out a lot to take up that much room. Now they had two floors with eyes on a small suite on another floor. The way things were going, they’d take over the whole office building in another year or so.

Logan nodded at the Office Manager, Merida, on his way back to Zain’s office. She lifted a hand in greeting, but never missed a beat when it came to the call she was on.

Seeing as how Zain was expecting Logan, he headed back to the boss’ office.

He wasn’t sure when he’d give Zain his notice. Whatever job had brought them together in the early evening on a Monday had to be an emergency. Normally, most jobs held until the next day when a team could be assembled and sent off with all the proper paperwork and gear. It would be an exceptional case that sent them off tonight.

Maybe he’d hold off giving notice?

The idea of leaving this task until later didn’t sit well with Logan, but he knew what a disaster distractions could be to the team. If the job was that dire, he could wait. It wasn’t like he had a plan for what he’d do afterward.

Logan tapped on his boss’ door.

Zain sat behind the U-shaped desk in the same office he’d occupied since moving into the suite. There were bigger office available, yet Zain preferred to remain where he was, as close to the action as he got these days what with the command room across the hall.

“Logan. Hey, man. Have a seat?” Zain gestured with his right hand, a gray prosthetic with what looked like red running lights going up the side and disappearing under the rolled-up shirt sleeves.

Logan didn’t know how Zain had lost the arm. Logan had never asked and honestly, the way Zain worked, Logan never really thought about it. Zain was just—Zain. A technically inclined genius, Logan preferred on their side. During Logan’s application process, Zain had uncovered some secrets even Logan hadn’t known about. If there was