Instinctive - By Cathryn Fox Page 0,1

to adoption; other times she was certain the hollow feeling stemmed from something else entirely—something she couldn’t quite put her finger on, something that was just out of her grasp.

Nevertheless, in three days she’d have to bury her wicked ways and start playing the part of the good girl. Not an easy task considering she’d been sexually ravenous since hitting adolescence. Her stomach dipped in dismay at the thought, already mourning the death of her wild, sexual spirit.

It wasn’t her fault she’d been born with a sex drive that would rival any man’s, and she certainly hadn’t meant for her enjoyment of kinky sex, ménages, voyeurism, exhibitionism, or BDSM to bring scandal to her family’s name. Nor did she think her untamed, passionate nature would cause investors in her father’s multimillion-dollar cosmetics business to turn skittish. And with the threat of a corporate takeover, any more rumblings about her after-hours activities would cause nothing but trouble for a company already treading on shaky ground.

But her daily desire for wild sex didn’t mean she’d stand by while her father’s empire collapsed around her. She was a high achiever, intelligent, resourceful, with a hard-earned marketing degree to back up her credentials—in addition to being her father’s sole heir. It was a shame no one on the board could see past the paparazzi pictures. Sure she went to extreme measures to keep her private indiscretions, well . . . private, and she maintained a professional demeanor at the office, but as heir to a multimillion-dollar company, she continually found herself in the media spotlight—and not in a favorable way. Why couldn’t anyone see that her sexual appetite would in no way hinder her ability to run her father’s empire?

She pushed back a cold shiver and shelved those thoughts to the back recesses of her mind. It was not the time for thinking about such bleak matters. Right now was the time to focus on the orgasmic pleasure Brian was bestowing upon her. She was going to need these hot, erotic memories to draw on later when she found herself all alone in the quaint, isolated town of Serene, New Hampshire. A town where she suspected everyone lived behind white picket fences, resided in matching houses, and had two point four kids. The perfect location for her to mend her bad-girl ways and start over.

If the town was anything like Silver Springs, the neighboring community, where her grandmother used to reside—and Jaclyn suspected it was—she knew there wasn’t a chance in hell she’d find herself another bad boy like the one between her legs. Which was exactly why Serene was the perfect spot to try on the good-girl persona and masquerade as something she wasn’t. The less temptation she found in suburbia the better. Because when it came right down to it, where sex was concerned, she had little to no self-control.

If she was honest with herself, Jaclyn felt obligated to do something to appease her parents. She owed them that much. Twenty-four years ago when her biological mother had ditched her in a Chicago subway station hours after giving birth to her, only to end up dead a few blocks away, Benjamin and Marie Vasenty rescued her from a life of foster care. They had also given her every luxury and privilege one could ask for.

She certainly hadn’t wanted to disappoint them, or for them to abandon her because of her wicked ways. Sex had always felt right, never dirty or wrong. She had yet to find one man who could completely and thoroughly sate the incessant ache inside her. At least not for any length of time. When it came right down to it, she suspected no such man existed.

The door to the club opened and closed, and a pair of intense dark eyes swept through the room before settling on her. As she took in the man’s watchful gaze, a wicked grin tweaked the corners of his mouth and seduced her already-heightened senses. Heart racing wildly, Jaclyn turned her attention back to Brian and redirected her thoughts.

She thrust her chest forward and placed one breast in front of his lips in offering. He flicked his wet tongue over her marbled nipple. The heat of his mouth felt like fire on her skin and escalated the tension between her legs. Brian continued to work his finger over her soaked clit. Small sinuous circles that drew out her pleasure as he feverishly pumped his thick cock in and out of her hot, tight