Before I Let You In - Jenny Blackhurst

About Jenny Blackhurst

Jenny Blackhurst grew up in Shropshire where she still lives with her husband and children. Growing up she spent hours reading and talking about crime novels – writing her own seemed like natural progression. Before I Let You In is her second novel. Follow her on Twitter JennyBlackhurst.

Praise for How I Lost You

‘Utterly gripping – brilliant debut!’ Clare Mackintosh, author of I Let You Go

‘As twisted as a mountain road, Blackhurst’s fast-moving and unputdownable debut will keep you glued to your seat’ Alex Marwood

‘Insightful and gripping, you’ll whip right through’ Stylist

‘It’s unsettling, unforgettable and you won’t want to put it down’ Essentials

‘A most rewarding conclusion. Excellent’ bookaddictshaun

‘The conclusion races up and knocks you sideways, it’s fast and it’s daring …’ randomthingsthroughmyletterbox.blogspot

‘A real nail-biter steeped in mystery, suspense, tragedy and unknown danger. And it is a cracking read for any fan of the psychological thriller!’ storminthestacks.wordpress

‘An emotional rollercoaster of a psychological thriller and I was in tears by the end. I cannot wait to read more from this author’ thewelshlibrarian.blogspot

‘An absolute and complete page turner that had me completely enthralled … Definitely highly recommended for fans of psychological thrillers’ lizlovesbooks

‘Amazing read that I couldn’t put down, gripping storyline, brilliant debut’ Helen M Jones, Amazon, 5*

‘Loved this book! Once I got started I couldn’t put it down desperate to know the next twist or turn’ E Webster, Amazon, 5*

‘This is the best book that I’ve read in a long time … I was completely hooked’ Tried and Tested, Amazon, 5*

‘Haunting, moving and wonderful! A gripping interpretation of post-natal emotions and the roller coaster that follows’ Sarah Morris, Amazon, 5*

About the Book

If you loved B A Paris’ Behind Closed Doors and Linda Green’s While My Eyes Were Closed, you will love Before I Let You In, the brand new novel from Jenny Blackhurst, the Number 1 Kindle bestselling author of How I Lost You, which Clare Mackintosh called ‘utterly gripping’. If you don’t know who is walking through the door, how do you know if you should let them in?

Karen is meant to be the one who fixes problems.

It’s her job, as a psychiatrist – and it’s always been her role as a friend.

But Jessica is different. She should be the patient, the one that Karen helps.

But she knows things about Karen. Her friends, her personal life. Things no patient should know.

And Karen is starting to wonder if she should have let her in …

To Ken, we all miss you more than words can say.


My first thanks go, and I hope will always go to my wonderful agent, Laetitia Rutherford. A wiser woman than me once called you the ‘author whisperer’ and that couldn’t be truer. You always have enthusiasm for whatever I’m babbling on about and you continue to have more faith in my ability than I ever have. Thanks also to Megan and the rest of the team at Watson Little, and Camilla and everyone at The Marsh Agency.

Thanks of course to my wonderful editor, Vicki Mellor, without whom this book would be twice as long and half as good. To the rest of the Headline team, Sara Adams, Kitty Stogdon, Jo Liddiard, Millie Seaward and everyone else whose enthusiasm and love for their work amazes me. And to the art department, in particular Siobhan, for their amazing cover work.

I’m petrified at this stage of forgetting someone so please rest assured that if you have ever congratulated me, asked how the book is going or emailed, tweeted or Facebooked me to say you enjoyed my first or referred to me as a ‘real author’ then this thank you is aimed at you. Every message from a reader is like a big hug.

It’s not easy working two jobs and bringing up two crazy children so a special thanks to Maxine, my day-job boss for much of the writing of this book. Without your support and shoulder to vent on I don’t think I’d have ever finished it.

In the year since How I Lost You was published I have been fortunate to meet some wonderful bloggers, readers and book lovers, far too many to name here. I have to mention, however, the amazing Liz Barnsley and Tracy Fenton for giving me their time and honesty on my final draft of this book, I will always be grateful. Also to the wonderful Anne Cater and her team of Book Connectors. To each and every member of THE Book Club; to try and name you all would be crazy but I have never met