Hunter's Heart (The Shadow Weaver #2) - Sloane Murphy

Chapter One


“I need you to keep this a secret,” I plead, my hands trembling.

“What is it with you mortals and your secrets?” Morgan sighs as she sits. “So be it. But we need to do something about it.”

“What can we do?” Deacon asks as I sit, gnawing on my bottom lip. I knew it was possible, but I hoped that I was delusional. I hoped that despite everything, that Azriel wouldn’t have done this to me. Attaching one soul to another… it has dire consequences for the living soul. At least most of the time.

Except, it hasn’t been done in so long, that the only times I’ve heard of it are from the journals of my ancestors. Removing his soul from mine means shredding my soul again.

I’m not sure I’ll survive it. Putting myself back together was hard enough the first time, I don’t know if I’m strong enough to do it again if Morgan can’t put me back together this time. I swear, if Azriel was alive still, I’d wring his goddamn neck. How fucking dare he do this to me? I’m so mad I could spit.

I never meant for this to happen, love. It was just a precaution.

I swipe my hand at the angry tears falling down my cheeks, ignoring the voice in my head and trying to turn my attention back to the conversing Demons around me.

“Do it. Whatever it takes. Just do it.”

Their voices stop as my words register. I guess they weren’t expecting me to be so demanding, or so resolute. I know there are consequences, and everyone has a lot going on, but I need to be able to use my power. Especially if Michael won’t give Remy back without a fight. That’s not something I’m going to just sit out of.

“What you ask, Witchling, is not so simple. And you have a lot going on back at home,” Morgan says to me. “Remy is missing in Avalon, and the factions are on the brink of war yet again because of it.”

It takes everything in me not to roll my eyes. I know exactly what’s at stake, exactly what’s going on. Granted, she probably has a better idea of just how much shit we’re in, and she could probably turn me to ash with a look, but still. “I’m aware of all of it, but having his soul connected to mine… the possibility of giving him the power to hurt them again, I won’t have it. Do what you must to me, but I will not have my friends and family suffer because of him.”

“This won’t be easy…” Morgan starts but then shakes her head. “And it’s going to really fucking hurt.”

“I get that, but I’ve survived pain. I can survive it again. I just need it gone. Knowing the truth of why he’s inside of my head… I feel violated in the worst way. I can’t have him attached to me like this.” I try to not sound as desperate or as angry as I feel.

“This could kill him, too.”

“I have absolutely zero issue with that,” I tell her honestly, the venom in my voice isn’t as hidden as I would like. Morgan frowns at me, but she must see how determined I am because she doesn’t push further.

A woman pops into the room as if summoned, and I let out a small squeal. Her eyes are completely black—which is at odds with her pale white skin—but there’s no denying she’s a Demon. The black markings under her eyes that go down her cheeks and the white horns kind of give it away.

“Can I have him yet?” the woman asks, her long white hair flowing around her as if it has a life of its own.

Caleb glances over at me and must see the look on my face because he chuckles. “No need to worry, Fallon. This is Korrìn, but everyone calls her Kori.” The woman stands there, somehow looking both bored and excited. It’s so freaking bizarre. “No, you can’t have him yet. We still don’t know how long it’s going to take.”

“I’ve wanted him for a while. Are you keeping him here? Or is he going somewhere else?” Kori asks, and I just blink. They might as well be speaking Japanese for as much sense as this all makes to me.

“No idea yet. I’ll call you when I know.” Morgan dismisses her with a wave of her hand, and the woman sucks her teeth.

“Fine. Fine. Not like he can escape death for