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I laughed. “Karen. Right.”

“That a problem?” Levi asked.


“I’m going to marry her, Lincoln. She’s the right one for me. She’s perfect for this family too.”

“Marriage based on what the family wants. That’ll work for you. You’re going to lose it soon, brother. I can see it.”

“I’m going to take advice from you?”

“Yeah. You know what my advice is? Stop trying to fit a mold. Just do your own thing.”

“I am,” Levi said. “You’re too dumb to see it. There’s a reason why we have these paths in front of us. I’ve gotten so many opportunities. From Dad. From having Karen in my life. I’m trusted, Lincoln. Everyone knows how I operate. I’m good. You’re a mess.”

“Thanks for the reminder,” I said. “I guess I’ll drive my fancy car back to the city and hang out in my expensive apartment, then find some woman to fuck before I wake up and clear another seven-figure deal. Damn, I’m such a mess.”

“You know what I mean,” Levi said.

I saw a car enter the long driveway.

“There’s Karen,” I said. “I have to ask… has she ever had a real orgasm yet? I only ask because as your brother, I feel it’s my job to help. I’ll get her to come hard enough to actually want to marry you.”

“Have fun with whatever whore you call later,” Levi said. “I’ll be doing adult things. Living the right way. Mom and Dad love me. I have respect. Promise. A real life.”

I waved with my middle fingers.

Levi told Karen where to park.

She drove over here so he could drive them to dinner, then come back to the house where Mom and Dad could sit with them and they could talk about shit that didn’t matter.

If that was life and love, it sounded horrible.

The word traditional made me want to throw up.

Have fun with whatever whore you call later…

I looked over my shoulder and knew I was supposed to go back inside.

But on my phone, there were so many women.

Women that needed my attention.

Women that I needed to distract me.

I looked at the planter and shook my head.

Why the hell did my brother have tissues so readily available?

He was like someone’s clingy aunt.

I looked at Karen as she got out of her car.

I blew her a kiss and Levi looked at me with a look of death.

I turned and went up the steps.

Dad stood in the doorway to the house with a fancy martini glass.

“I’ll tell your mother you got an important call for work,” he said with a frown.

“Ah, man, I thought we were hanging out.”

“I think we’ve done that enough for one day here,” he said. “You don’t want to be here.”

“That’s harsh to say,” I said.

Dad nodded. “And there goes Levi. On to something important. Something you’ll never understand, son. You’ll always be chasing your tail.”

Dad went back into the house and actually locked the door.

I laughed.

Then I lit up another cigarette.

As far as chasing my tail, that was wrong.

But chasing some tail… I mean, come on, how could I not enjoy my life, right?


“You have no idea how much I love you,” he whispered as his thumb stroked my cheek.

My eyes filled with tears. My chin quivered before my lips quivered. “I feel like I’ve waited my entire life for this moment, Jake.”

“Well, you have,” he said. “And so have I. And it’s not just this moment. It’s all the moments that come after this one. We’re going to build moments together, climb on them and reach up into the sky to be above everything happening around us.”

I swallowed hard and smiled as I exhaled a shaky breath.

I turned my head and looked at my car.

The front tire was mostly ripped apart.

“Look at my tire, Jake,” I said. “How in the world did I get so unlucky? A truck filled with nails spills them onto the road and I ran over them…”

“Look at me, sugar,” Jake said.

I looked at him. “What?”

“I did that.”


“That truck? That was my friend, Tommy. He tossed those nails onto the road. On purpose. I knew you’d hit them. I knew you’d get a flat tire. That was the point. To slow you down.”

“What?” I asked.

I smiled bigger.

“Listen, I get it. You’ve thought you were unlucky your entire life. But that’s not how I see it. I see it as leading us to this moment. You’re always looking over your shoulder for the next disaster. How about you look at what’s in front of you. Or look down…”

“Down?” I asked. “At