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too damn quick to suit me. My hand wraps in her hair and I tug on it. Maggie cries out and I hold her that much tighter, bringing her mouth to mine. Our tongues war while our bodies create harmony from the madness that possessed us to have sex after all this time.

Maggie tears her lips from mine, her beautiful brown eyes staring into mine as we drag air into our lungs.

“I wish I could hate you,” she whispers.

“You love me,” I counter, and she doesn’t deny it. She does love me.

I love her.

That was never the problem. And again, I don’t know why that’s not enough.

I just know that for some reason it’s not.

“Bryant,” she cries. “I’m going to come.” That last sentence comes out with a broken breath as her body starts to quiver and the walls of her tight pussy begin fluttering, signaling her orgasm.

“Come for me Maggie May,” I tell her, the forgotten nickname slipping out unbidden, as I thrust inside of her one last time and she pulls me over the edge with her.

“Oh God, Bry. Give it to me, honey. Give it all to me,” she moans, and Christ, I’ve missed Maggie like this. I’ve missed her cries, how she shortens my name, how she feels when she’s grinding down on my cock coming with me.

We always come together. We have from the beginning. It never fails. She always pulls me over the edge with her. That’s the way it was in the beginning, and that’s how it is now, even after all this time—even after being apart.

Nothing has changed.

“Maggie,” I groan as I come, my body jerking with the force of my climax. I come so hard that I can literally feel the thick ropes of my cum unleashing into her.

“I feel you, Bry.”

“I know, Maggie May. It feels so good. Like we’ve never been apart,” I moan, kissing on her neck, lost in the pleasure. Everything else fades into nothingness. There’s only me and Maggie.

“Bryant, I feel you,” she says again, her nails biting into my skin painfully. My dick jerks that much harder and my balls hurt from the amount of cum she wrings from me.

“I know, baby,” I respond, my breath heavy, grunting as one last burst of cum leaves my body.

“Bryant, stop!” Maggie cries, and too late, I realize her body is tight, and she’s panicked.

“Maggie?” I ask, not understanding what’s going on.

“I can feel you come, Bryant,” she growls, already getting up off of me.

I have no fucking idea why that should make her upset. We both know what we are doing here. She can’t act like she doesn’t. But when she lifts off of me, it registers.

My cock is still hard, covered in remnants of our lovemaking, cum still sliding out of the head of my shaft and Maggie’s sweet juices painted all over me… The torn condom is a ripped and wrinkled wet mess around the base of my cock.

Oh fuck.

“Shit, Maggie,” I hiss, realizing what a fucking mess this is.

Maggie’s already out of the car, standing, her dress falling down covering her pussy from me. Even as I register how mad she is, I mourn the loss that her body is hidden from my view now, and she’s no longer in my arms.

“If I get pregnant, Bryant Matthews, I will cut off your damn dick,” she growls, giving me a mean look that would rival some of the best her mother, Ida Sue, could dish out. I sit there with my dick wet and hard, waving out in the open, and I watch Maggie walk away.

That, sadly, is a sight that is all too familiar.


It Was A Mistake

Two Months Later

Bryant Matthews.

How it’s possible for one man to be the love of your life and the first thing you think of while simultaneously being your biggest regret? I seriously have no idea. Still, that’s exactly who and what Bryant is to me.

That and a lot more things.

I love him. I loved him when I gave him my virginity all those years ago. I loved him when I was a teenager, pregnant and scared of becoming my mother. I lost him when our baby died, but to be fair, I lost myself. I was so wrapped up in my pain, I couldn’t see anything but misery. Yet, even then, I loved him. I just couldn’t be near him.

Part of me blamed him for the loss of our baby.

Mostly, I blamed myself.

All I was really sure of back