Hot Summer Nights (Lucas Brothers #7) -Jordan Marie


Maggie Lucas is my kryptonite.

She always has been.

My life could be summed up in a childhood refrain.

Here I go around the Mulberry bush—except with me Mulberry is replaced by Magnolia.

And I definitely went around and around that part of her anatomy.

Maggie was my first—and I mean my first everything. I never regretted it because I was her first, too.

But we got together too young.

As hard as we tried to make it work, life had other plans.

Some pain will either tear you apart or bring you closer.

For me and Maggie Lucas, it did both.

We may have divorced, but I never stopped loving her, and as weird as it sounds, I’m sure she loves me.

She says she doesn’t want anything permanent, but hell, we’ve been at this for over seventeen years.

We have a son together, but our lives—for the most part—are separate.

I’m tired of waiting for Maggie to realize she belongs with me.

So, I offer her a deal.

Give me two weeks to prove that we belong together.

Two weeks of hot summer nights that I plan to make even hotter in the bedroom.

If I can’t convince her to finally come home by then…

I’m walking away.

(Two weeks of fun with a hot as hell man that Maggie has always been in love with? Maybe she could resist him alone, but when her crazy family gets involved... all bets are off.)



Six Years Ago

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Maggie mutters, but she does it while climbing over into my lap.

I’m already there—pants undone, cock raging hard from the way she worked me up moments earlier, a condom stretched so tightly over my shaft that it fits like a second skin.

“Lots of people fuck in the backseat of their car, Maggie. Hell, this isn’t even the first time we’ve done it,” I mumble, pulling the ends of her dress up and sliding my hands along her thighs. Jesus, Maggie is always so hot to the touch. Sometimes, I think she’s branded me with her fire. I fell in love with her when I was sixteen, and here I am over a decade later with my dick still fucking addicted to her.

A woman who will never completely belong to anyone—especially me.

I push those thoughts from my head. Regrets are always close to the surface with Maggie.

“Those people are teenagers, Bryant. We’re definitely not that any longer,” she huffs.

My fingers snake up to the waistband of her panties, curling in on each side and gathering it to rip them down the side. “I don’t know, Maggie, you make me feel pretty fucking young,” I growl as I finish tearing the ruined fabric from her body.

“Right now, you feel young,” she groans, wrapping her hand around the base of my cock and squeezing.

“It’s not like I’m old,” I hiss. “Twenty-nine is not old. Besides, I’m surprised you can feel anything but that fucking condom you made me suit up in.”

“Quit bitching. No condom would mean none of this,” she responds and with that, slides down on me, her greedy, wet pussy swallowing every inch of me. “Fuck,” she hisses when I bottom out, stretching her.

“God, you’re squeezing the fuck out of me, baby. This won’t last long,” I warn her by whispering in her ear, biting on the lobe and then continuing the path along the side of her neck, in just the way she likes.

That’s the thing about me and Maggie. We know how to please each other, what gets us fired up, pushes us to the brink, throws us over the edge. Being with her after all this time is like coming home. Why the fuck that isn’t enough to make it work, I have no damn idea. I didn’t know when we divorced, and now, all this time later, I still don’t.

What I do know is that Maggie Lucas owns me body and soul.

She always has.

“You’re fucking me in the back of a rented Subaru on the side of the road. If I get caught, it could cause problems with my job. It better last long enough for you to make it worth my time, Bryant Matthews,” she warns, her hips rocking as she grinds down against my cock.

I let my fingers bite into her hips. I know there will be a bruise there in the morning. I also know that Maggie will love seeing it—almost as much as I will love knowing it’s there.

Despite the cramped space, we find a rhythm that works for both of us, and I know this is going to be over