Holt's Holding (Part One) - By A Dagmara Page 0,1

and only time my body reacted with such yearning. The heated pooling raced directly between my legs had me almost shivering. Lowering my eyes down and closing them to take a calming breath. Pausing with the door still open, I could only guess that this mystery man was the one whom made the coffee, logic hit. I was no longer alone in the kitchen.

Whispering in my head, It’s just fucking cologne. Funny how the mind holds to certain senses; touch, feel, taste and of course smell. His cologne took me back to a young girl’s naïve, and very lusting emotions. Shit! Get a grip.

He must have come home with Julie last night. Part of me was a bit annoyed. She and I had rules on bringing people home.

It was a basic rule for both her and my benefit, never during the workweek. I guess she decided that the rule didn’t apply to this one niter.

Shit, I was standing in nothing more than a towel, now I have to play host as she sleeps.


Just fucking perfect.

How can my day get any worse?

Oh yeah that’s right, I get to go to work hung-over.

I closed the door and turned to seeing him standing there with his head cocked to the side. The man who’s cologne had me so aroused. Appraising him with a cautious eye, dressed in what appeared to be an extremely expensive suit, purple tonal check shirt, with a matching tie. He looked extremely well put together, if I was to offer an opinion, and not at all her type. In fact, he was mine. Holding my chin up, my instincts kicked in. I needed to display confidence. Even if, I was practically naked. Nudity wasn’t an issue for me. I faced that fear a long time ago. Reigning myself in, I found the woman I’ve become, as I took a moment longer to appraise the man before me.

His blonde hair, perfectly out of place. I found myself moving to his perfectly sculpted body. He was built like a football player, wide chest, that lead to what I could only assume, a perfectly v shape at his waist. Moving back up to his chiseled jaw, catching his eyes, I felt a bit trapped. Something about them appeared a bit dangerous. Suddenly, that pull, that heat that blossomed returned in spades. If I had underwear on they would be soaked. He half grinned almost in notice of my long appreciation of what I was looking at. No embarrassment, on my part. He clearly knew he was attractive. That, I didn’t doubt for a second. The man oozed arrogance and confidence, beyond anything I thought I had learned to possess. His grin and body language had me pulling slow, desperate breaths. Possibly, it was just the way his green eyes appeared to look straight through me. For a second that scared the shit out of me. For lack of a better description, I was dumbfounded and frozen in place.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realize Julie had a flat mate”, he spoke smoothly, not bothering to hide the fact that he was amused.

Oh, shit an English accent to add to my already needy attraction. I had to admit that was one of my bigger weaknesses’…ok I’m jealous she landed herself an English hottee.

Shit! I was attracted to him. He spoke all of one sentence, and I was about undone. The moisture between my legs was substantial. Holy Shit!

Shaking myself out of this ridiculous hold, I broke my stare.

Ok, pull it together; I have a towel, not naked. I repeated several times to myself. He’s just a man, nothing more. Just a freaking man.

Finding my voice and shutting whatever this was down, I pulled a final breath and spoke. “I’m assuming you made the pot. Thank you.” Thank god, I’ve learned to hide my emotions. Trying not to look him in the eyes, I failed. Frozen once more, I had to pull my shit together.

Why, I wasn’t sure, but whenever my eyes fell into his I felt trapped and unable to speak. This wasn’t good. I’ve never experienced this type hold or attraction to anyone.


Oh, thank god for small favors. The loud and extremely intrusive sound of my cell phone started screaming at me, breaking this ridiculous hold. Shaking my head, I turned and made a dash to my room.

My phone on the nightstand; the ringer was screaming louder. It was my boss, and I knew he was calling to bark more orders to me. Rolling