His Human Surrogate (Monsters Love Curvy Girls #2) - Michele Mills


I sit in my isolated hunting lodge and nervously send the first message that starts it all. The message that brings Chloe Chang into my life:

Hello, this is Bergelmir Touchstone.

My human finally responds two full diurnals later:

I don’t know who you think you are or how you got my code, but harassing beings is illegal. I’m reporting this crazy hack to the vid net administrator. BLOCKING YOU.

I chuckle and send back my immediate reply:

Wait, it’s really me, Bergelmir.

There’s a pause, and then she answers:

Prove it.

The tips of my claws fly across the screen and I hit send: We were introduced through my sister-in-law. You’re Riley Touchstone’s best friend.

I wait as the dots at the bottom of the screen undulate, letting me know she’s working on her answer. Finally, she sends her own reply: How did you get my access code?

I snort. This female has no idea the amount of background information I’ve already compiled on her. I’ve learned that Chloe is exactly who she appears to be; a delightful human female who could care less about my celebrity status or my wealth. But I’m still messaging her through the dark net so there will be no record of our talks, because I’m overly cautious that way.

I answer: Aegir gave it to me, so I could ping you during his bound declaration ceremony.

That must’ve finally convinced her of my veracity because she replies: This really is Bergelmir?

I settle back into my couch and cross my ankles. Yes.

Hi Berg. Sorry, there’s just a lot of randos on the vid, you know? I have to be careful. It’s nice to hear from you. What do you want?

What do I want? I glance over at the closed door to my bedroom. What I really want is Chloe in there naked, on my bed, ready to take my cock. But instead I say: I’d like to talk.

Talk? You want to talk to me? Are you sure?

I smile. I can almost hear her voice responding with genuine surprise. Messaging this human was the right decision. I love how she continues to try and cut short her conversation with Bergelmir Touchstone. Most beings would instead be focused on trying to profit from the sale of this direct message to the vid channels. But Chloe Chang is different. Refreshing.

Yes, I enjoyed our talk in Aegir’s kitchen, I tell her. I was wondering what you meant when you said you like to find old objects. What type of old objects were you referring to?

I told you that?

You did. You told me antiquing was your favorite hobby.

Oh. Well, I love going to the Singapore market and finding ancient household items, preferably from obscure species. I like to purchase them, clean them up and figure out their history and what they were originally used for. That might sound nerdy, but I really like it.

Nerdy? What does that word mean?

Oh, sorry, I guess it didn’t translate. It just means not normal, out of the ordinary.

Chloe Chang - I don’t bother with what’s normal or ordinary. And neither should you.


I pause, concerned I’m being too forceful. Have I offended her? Am I scaring her away? But then she answers again: Lately I like reselling some of my favorites to other beings so they can enjoy what I’ve found too.

This female is amazing. I am truly impressed, I say. And I mean it.

Oh, thanks. Tell me, Berg, do you like restoring old objects too? Is that why you’re asking me about this?

I look around the front room of my primeval lodge, at the years-long, painstaking restoration of the structure and grounds, and I answer: Yes. I enjoy the restoration of ancient domiciles.

Oh! I’ve always dreamed of owning a historically significant wreck and bringing it back to modern efficiency so it can be used and enjoyed. Do you feel the same?

Yes, I say, I do.

And then I pause and rub the back of my neck. I find myself eager to show this human what I’ve done to this lodge. I want to see and hear her reactions to my design ideas. Can I ping you and speak to you through vid? I would like to show you the work I’ve done restoring my ancient hunting lodge…

Will she allow this live, face-to-face upgrade in our conversation? Or will she want to keep our budding relationship shallow?

She seems to take forever to respond and finally says, Yes, I’d love that. Go ahead and ping me.

I blow out the breath I’ve been holding. Then a wide grin spreads across