Her CEO - Flora Ferrari

Chapter One


Looking up, it feels like more than the fifty stories of mirrored glass looking down on me from Chambers tower.

It’s a long shot, but my motivational book for the week recommended doing something that scares me.

And this absolutely terrifies me.

I do feel a thrill before I go inside though, more than the fear of the unknown, more than the edge of applying for a job in person. More than low blood sugar from skipping lunch again.

I feel eyes on me.

Hungry eyes, and it makes me wonder who would want me so bad.

Maybe it’s my imagination, but when I walk in and see the huge photographic portrait of the CEO of Chambers Inc. hanging in the foyer, I find a match for the feeling inside me.

He has hungry eyes. Dark, smoldering and intense eyes. They seem to follow me as I feel like I’m waddling to the elevators. A sudden flush of heat through my body and an equally sudden slickness between my legs isn’t the kind of reaction I’m used to, especially from a photo.

Something makes me stop though, turn and walk back briskly to his portrait.

Eric Chambers. Man of the year and some might say media hog, but I’ve seen enough of his face and chiseled body in those Italian suits on TV and in the papers to know I want to work for him.

For his company anyway.

The thought of a man like that anywhere near me on purpose makes me start to doubt why I’m even here again, let alone my chances with an actual living, breathing man anytime in this life, but damn. Those eyes… That chin… Those pecs…

I shiver a little, feeling my legs shaking as I fight the urge not to rub them together, a little sound escapes me as I stand in front of a twenty foot portrait of the most perfect man ever made.

“Here goes nothing,” I murmur under my breath, making my way back to the elevators and watching my shaking finger press ‘9’, the floor I know is Human Resources, but other than that I really have no idea what I’m doing.

I can already feel it though. Like those unseen eyes from outside, like the eyes from his huge portrait.

It’s like there’s an invisible line, joined to the space in between my thighs, drawing me to him. Drawing me to Eric Chambers.

It’s a stupid thought, but one I can’t shake until the elevator pings open.

A wall of frosted glass behind and a semi-circle of solid walnut in front with what looks like an angry Barbie behind it greets me. Not the eyes I’m thinking of, but narrowed, heavily made up eyes.

Plastic, like a doll’s. A shock of bleached hair, styled into a definite fire hazard.

“Help you?” she sighs, looking me up and down, creasing the edge of her tight mouth and it registers for the first time just how out of my depth I am in this building.

I stammer some gibberish about being the next asset to Chambers Inc., thrusting my resume folder out onto the high counter, which she ignores.

“Appointment?” she asks, those cold, dead blue eyes only showing life when I tell her no.

“Then I’m afraid we can’t help you. Applications for employment are by referral only.”

A blink and then the dismissive smirk that tells me I haven’t been imagining it. I really have just made a fool of myself by coming here today.

I open my mouth to say something else, but only hear a dry croak, followed by Malibu Barbie clearing her throat, reminding me to take my folder with me as I turn to leave.

The heat of arousal I felt moments ago is now the pepper red, burning hot walk of shame. Back to the elevator and not even wanting to turn around, but I catch the evil doll’s eyes one last time as she gives me a narcissistic little wave as the doors close.

The only good thing is I’m alone again, and I hear the same hollow sound escaping me as before, only louder. More prolonged and painful.

I feel tears coming, but mostly feel I stupid. Stupid for thinking I could just walk into a place like this and what?

Get a job?

I couldn’t get an interview on the evening news if my house burnt down let alone any serious chance at employment with Chambers Inc.

My shoulders drop, and I toss my resume into the nearest trash can as I leave the elevator before heading for the huge glass exit.

I feel his eyes on me again, from