Hell's Belle - Eve Newton


A year and half ago


I fluff out my vivid red hair and adjust my huge tits in the black leather bustier. Leaning in closer to the mirror, I pucker up and apply a coat of red lip gloss to my full lips. I wink at myself, my green eyes alight with admiration. I know I’m gorgeous. I don’t even have to adjust anything about myself, even though I could.

“Happy birthday, Sis,” my twin brother, Shax says, lounging in my doorway, tapping his fingers on his thigh. He is dressed head to toe in black which makes his light blond hair look even brighter.

“Baby,” I cry at him and fling my arms around him. “One year today, I will rule Hell! Fucking can’t come soon enough.”

He grunts at me. He hates it when I call him ‘Baby’. He was born before me, or should I say, my dad, with the help of his dad, pulled him out of our mother before me. It was positioning, nothing more, but he prefers to think he’s my older brother. My precious twin by some twist of celestial fate where we have different fathers. I would die without him. We are inseparable.

He loops his arm through mine. “You will kick ass,” he says, telling me what I want to hear, when I want to hear it as he always does. He props up my ego and I adore him for it. Not that I require validation, I know I will kick ass, but it’s nice to hear as well.

I bend down and pick up Babe, my nail studded bat, that is leaning against the wall by the door. “Time for the Daily Dealings. You in?”

“Not today,” he mutters. “Watching you deal with the disobedient Demons in this place, while a delight, isn’t on my birthday wish list.”

“Oh?” I inquire, now full of curiosity. “Who is the lucky female?”

He rolls his eyes at me. “Wouldn’t you like to know,” he drawls.

“Yes, that’s why I’m asking,” I reply with a tut.

“Go and do your thing, Belle. I’ll catch up with you later.” He leans forward to give me a kiss on my cheek.

I pout at him but let him go.

“Ready?” Dad asks me, flaming in beside me with a broad grin. He is the Devil and he indulges my evil side with a fatherly delight.

“Always,” I say. “Do we have some really bad Demons on the docket today?”

“As it is your birthday, I ensured that there were,” he says with a laugh, but then he goes serious. “You are carving out your destiny, Annabelle. I couldn’t be prouder of you. We have one year left to make sure that when you take my power to rule Hell, you are ready.”

I frown at him, the thrill I had dissipating quickly. “What do you mean ‘take’?” I ask him carefully. He has never mentioned ‘take’ before. I assumed he would hand it over and I’d be the Demon Queen.

He sighs and takes my hand. “I can’t give it to you. It’s something you have to take. You have to be prepared to do whatever you need to do to take it.”

“What?” I snap at him. “Don’t be ridiculous.” What he is suggesting is out of the question. “I am not fighting you for it.”

“You’ll have no choice,” he says.

“We will find another way,” Mom says, slipping in next to Dad and fixing him with that glare that makes even the most powerful Demons quake in their boots. The self-appointed Queen of Hell is a delicate, small blonde female. But looks can be deceiving. “I told you, I will find another way,” she adds.

He bends down to kiss her. “And just in case you don’t, Annabelle needs to know what is required of her to rule,” he says.

I look between the two of them, my anger flaring up. “Way to ruin my fucking birthday. Thanks a lot,” I snarl and march away, pissed off and scared at what my father wants me to do. I cannot leave it to my mother alone to find another way for me to get that power. I’m going to have to help her because one thing is damn sure, in a year’s time, I’m becoming Queen. I just don’t want to have to kill my father to do it.


Present day


My eyes fly open.

I wriggle on the black satin sheets of my bed and then look down.

I sigh.

“What are you doing?” I ask the Demon that is tongue fucking me – not that well, I might