The Healer's Hellion - Miranda Bridges

Chapter 1

“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!” I yell, waggling my eyebrows.

The object of my barb widens his eyes, and his mouth drops open.

I grab my boobs and heft them upward. “Don’t stop staring now, asshole.”

The guy blinks several times before turning abruptly and heading the opposite direction from me. I drop my hands and fold my arms as I roll my eyes.


“Do you always have to do that, Skylar?” Camille asks me with a grin. “It’s not like he’s the first guy to check you out.”

I snort. “I don’t see why I should allow them the pleasure of eye-fucking me. It’s rude, and if they’re going to do it, the least they can do is be discreet.”

Camille waves a hand, gesturing to my outfit. “It’s almost like you purposefully tease them.”

I glance down at my matching leggings and sports bra, ending with my tennis shoes. “I like to wear workout clothes,” I say with a shrug. “You and I both know it’s a lot less revealing than what some of the other girls wear. And for the record, this is college, not middle school. The people around here should be able to handle it.”

My friend smiles at me, her gaze going soft. “I don’t think you realize how beautiful you are.”

I scoff as a blush heats my cheeks. “Whatever.”

“You really are.” When I open my mouth to object, she lifts a hand. “I know, I know. You don’t see yourself that way, but take it from someone who cares about you, okay?”

I purse my lips, struggling to stay silent. I haven’t felt beautiful in a long time.

And I doubt I ever will again.

“So what are your plans for today?” she asks me, interrupting my dark musings.

“I need to head home now that classes are over. You know how overprotective my parents are.” I heft my backpack over my shoulder. “But maybe we can get together after dinner and go over the chemistry review?”

Camille nods. “Sounds good.”

I get to my feet and give her a wink. “Later, skank.”

“Bye, ho.”

A grin splits my lips as I break into a light jog across campus. Camille really is the best. No one understands me the way she does. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her—or how I would’ve gotten through the darkest time of my life. After she stood by me during that nightmare, Camille became my ride or die, my sister from another mister.

I love that bitch.

Perspiration gathers along my hairline as my feet pound the pavement, my body already protesting the sun’s rays. I enjoy it though. The feel of my muscles as they contract and flex to keep me in motion along with the air filling my lungs as I breath deep. The human body is an amazing thing, and I value keeping mine in tip-top shape. All the better to kick people’s asses if needed.

By the time I turn down my street, I’m dripping with sweat, but each droplet is like a toxin being purged, and I love the feeling of being purified. I slow my pace as I jog up to my front door, trying to give my heart a chance to slow it’s rhythm and my legs to stop their trembling. I swing my backpack to prop it on my hip and dig through the side pocket to locate my keys. As soon as my fingers graze the cool metal, I glance around, making sure no one is behind me.

Deeming the area safe, I reach out, keys in hand, only to freeze. The door is already open. It’s so slight, less than an inch, but my mother would never forget to close it. I shove the keys back into their designated pocket and slide my backpack off my shoulder before laying it down gently.

I swallow deep as I push open the door and slip inside. My entire body coils with tension, and I swear my heart is beating so loud that it will deafen me. I press my back against the wall, tilting my head and straining to hear anything that would give me a clue as to what’s going on. I tell myself that I’m overreacting, but my instincts are screaming too loudly for me to ignore. Where are the sounds of my mother banging around in the kitchen or the shouts from my dad as he critiques whatever sport is being shown on the TV?

People have often said that silence can be loud, and I never really understood that phrase until