Hawk (Reckless Kings MC #2) - Harley Wylde



There were some things you just didn’t tell your family, at least when your dad was the chief of police and your brother was also a cop. It would have been smart to clue them in, except I didn’t want them to cage me. I’d be under house arrest until the problem had been resolved. So far, the person hadn’t exactly been threatening. Just creepy. I’d seen enough movies to know how fast it could all change, and as stupid as I felt for keeping it to myself, I just couldn’t tell my family. I’d tried twice before, and the words died on my tongue.

I eyed the pink rose under my windshield wiper, knowing it was from my secret admirer. At least, that’s the term I used when I didn’t want to freak the hell out over the fact I’d apparently picked up a stalker. Other than cryptic notes and flowers, he hadn’t really done much of anything. At least, I assumed it was a guy, but could be a girl.

I yanked the flower from under the wiper and glanced around. Would the person hang around to make sure I received their gift? I scanned the area and didn’t see anyone noticeably watching me. Didn’t mean anything. They could be inside a shop or restaurant, or hiding out of my line of sight. I twirled the flower between my fingers before opening the driver’s side door and setting the rose on my seat. I locked up the car and went about my business, hoping nothing else would be left for me while I was gone.

I heard the buzz of whispering busybodies and glanced around again. Across the street, Delilah and her man, Titan, were walking past. I hadn’t heard they would be visiting, but I didn’t exactly keep in touch. Delilah had been a few years ahead of me in school, so we hadn’t been friends. More acquaintances. This was a small town, so everyone knew everybody else. When she’d hooked up with a biker in another state, the rumor mill had started to churn full speed ahead. I had to admit she seemed happy.

I shoved my hands into my pockets and trudged down the sidewalk toward the Farmer’s Market. Cuddles needed more fruit, and I’d promised my mom I’d grab some fresh veggies for her while I was out. The hair on my nape stood up, and it felt like someone was following me. I wouldn’t turn around. If I really was being followed, I didn’t want them to know I was aware of their presence.

I entered the open market and grabbed a small handcart. I added some apples and oranges for Cuddles before perusing the peppers, carrots, and celery for my mother. When I’d gathered everything I needed and had paid for it all, I carried the bags to my car. I could hear footsteps behind me, and I twitched with the urge to run, but it was a busy day and tons of people were out shopping. It was probably my overactive imagination.

Except I remembered the rose on my car, and all the other gifts I’d been left over the past month. I picked up the pace and put the sacks on my back seat. I tried to nonchalantly look around as I got into the car, and my heart stalled in my chest. The shadow of a man was hidden in a nearby alley, and he seemed to be looking my way. Not moving. Just watching. Goose bumps raced along my arms and my hands shook as I got into the car and turned over the engine. I locked the doors and pulled away.

My heart hammered against my ribs, and my palms grew slick with sweat. I needed to tell someone. But if my dad or brother got involved, I’d end up with an escort all the time, if I were permitted to go anywhere at all. And since Cuddles had a tendency to run into the Dixie Reapers’ compound, the one place my dad forbade me from ever going, I didn’t exactly need someone reporting back to him that I frequented the place every week. Granted, I only chased after my pet, but my dad wouldn’t see the difference.

If he thought Cuddles was putting me in danger, he’d make me get rid of him. I couldn’t do it! I’d raised Cuddles since he was a baby, and I refused to give him up. He’d bonded to me and was my best friend. No, I’d have to