Forever and a Day - By Jasmine Barber Page 0,2

picked up her broken iPhone and her bag and began to walk back inside the door to her job. Before he realized it, Brielle's hand was almost stretched out to open the door to Madison Square Garden. Murder quickly shouted out, "Aye ma, my bad. I didn't even see you. I'm sorry for breaking your phone and making you fall. Let me make it up to you."

"Look the only way you can make it up to me is by buying me a new iPhone, everything else I can handle on my own," said Brielle.

"A new iPhone? Ma that's nothing, give me your number and I'll get up with you and buy you a new phone.” said a smiling Murder. Usually his smile was a sign of trouble but today he was generally happy to be in Brielle's presence even though he would of preferred to meet her a different way.

"Why the hell would I give you my number, if I don't have a phone to answer when you call,” stated an annoyed Brielle. “You know what just leave it alone! I'll buy my own phone! Goodbye.”

Brielle walked back inside Madison Square Garden thinking, my day just can't get any worse. Brielle definitely went home that day with a bad attitude.


One Week Later

Brielle was leaving work with a positive attitude. She had a great weekend ahead of her with her girls. She walked to the train station thinking about the relationship she had with her friends. Danielle, Shanice, Sabriya and Chloe were the best friends she could of ever asked for. You would of thought they knew each other all their lives when you saw the group of girls. When in reality, Brielle only knew Danielle and Shanice since fourth grade and she met Sabriya and Chloe her senior year in high school at Rutgers University accepted student day. She then smiled thinking about how each of her friends were different but how they all blended in together as one.

As she was about to enter into New York Penn Station, she heard, "Damn you didn't even know you was gonna see me today, so why you smiling like that?"

Remembering the voice she got an instant attitude, turned around and quickly stated, "No one is smiling at your ass, you better be lucky I don't push your ass like you pushed me!"

"If I could remember clearly, I didn't push you. I ran into you and it was definitely an accident, stated Murder, but that ain’t what I’m here for. I was trying to catch up to you and give you something."

"You don't have anything to give me, but nice try,” said Brielle.

"Well I guess I should go return this little iPhone because I damn sure don't need another phone" Murder said, handing Brielle the new iPhone 4s.

"OMG how did you get this? This phone doesn't come out for another 3 months!" said an excited Brielle.

"It doesn't come out for another 3 months for normal people, but when you a boss like your boy, anything is possible," said a cocky Murder.

"Well thanks for the new phone since you broke my old one,” said Brielle ready to go inside Penn Station.

"That's nothing Ma. I could give you so much more. If you gave me a chance," Murder stated.

"Thank you, but I'm good. Again thank you for the phone. I appreciate it.” Brielle stated as she was walking through the doors of Penn Station leaving Murder intrigued to find out more about this girl.


Later on that night, Brielle was sitting in the driver seat of her brand new Summit White Camaro when her iPhone decided to ding, indicating an awaiting text message. "Aye Danni, can you please see who that is?" Brielle said to Danielle since she was driving while her, Chloe, and Shanice were on their way to pick up Sabriya.

"Um, girl who the hell is this new nigga you’re talking to and why does he think you look like a perfect angel that he will surely marry today if you would let him?” teased Danielle.

"Girl stop playing and read the damn message,” laughed Brielle

"I'm dead ass serious. Look Sha and Chlo, tell her" said Danielle showing them the message.

"She is not lying," said Sha and Chloe in unison.

"Text back and see who it is,” said Brielle

"Girl you late, I already did that and why you messing with some nigga name Murder. Can't leave the hood boys alone, huh?" teased Danielle sending Murder a text back.

Brielle sat in the driver seat thinking about that