Forever and a Day - By Jasmine Barber Page 0,1

didn’t know if I really wanted this. After going back and forth, I've decided that this is exactly what I need. I've been nothing but faithful and understanding to you and to your "career." I'm not your typical chick from the hood. I never relied on you for money or materialistic things. I own my own business, house, and I have cars that are completely paid off. So again, I ask myself, why the hell am I taking your shit?

You’re a liar and a cheater and that’s all you will ever be! I tried to reason with your "job" because I've always loved the edge of a bad boy, but every time I turn around I'm being slapped in the face with reality when some random chick is playing on my office phone or better yet sending me pictures of you and her doing all types of wild shit. The worse thing a man can do is have his girlfriend thinking everything is all good, while other females look at her KNOWING she is not the only one. Emotionally, I’ve been done. Mentally, I’m still drained. Even though I feel that way you always see me with a smile.

I haven't been happy with you for the last month. I was the one who took your shit and still cared about you, but all that has changed. So with that being said, I've packed your clothes that were at my house and put them in storage. (If you were wondering, yes the key in the envelope is for you) I've changed the locks to my house; so don't bother coming by to try to beg your way back in my life. I just want to end this letter off by saying thank you for everything you taught me about "these niggas" as you put it and about life in general. You really prepared me for the bullshit you threw at me. I'll always love you but I can't stand being with you. Hopefully one day we can be friends but until then I'm officially moving on.

Love Always,


As Brielle went to get ready for her first official Girls Night Out with her best friends as a single lady, she couldn't help but feel proud of herself for finally leaving Murder alone. She knew deep down in her heart that she would probably need sometime to get over Murder, but she knew with friends like hers she would be perfectly fine. As Brielle walked into the bedroom next to the master bedroom, which was converted into a walk-in closet, she thought about the past three years with Murder. She met Murder at the end of her sophomore year of college.

It was a hot spring day in the middle of May, everybody in New York City was pissed the hell off. Everybody wanted the summer time to hurry up and come but this was crazy. It was hot as hell. It was that aggravating heat, that unbearable heat that no one likes. The heat where it was hot but there was literally no air blowing. Anyway, she was on her lunch break from her internship at Madison Square Garden. She had been working a total of six hours before she decided that she could no longer hide her hunger. As she snatched her favorite Michael Kors bag and her iPhone out of her desk, she dreaded going outside in the scorching heat. As soon as she opened the door and took two steps out the door, she was being pushed down by some dude running into her.

"Ayo what the fuck? You blind or something?" Murder screamed out, not paying attention to who he had ran into.

As Brielle was getting up she yelled out, "Me? You’re the one who wasn't paying attention to where the hell you were going! And you broke my damn iPhone!"

When she woke up this morning, she knew her day wasn't going to be good and this moment made her realize she was definitely right. As Brielle was talking, Murder looked up to find the most gorgeous girl he had ever laid eyes on. He was at a lost for words. Brielle was brown skin, long beautiful black hair that stopped pass her shoulders in a tight ponytail holder. She had dimples so deep that he couldn't help but want to stare at them. He got so deeply mesmerized by her beauty that he didn't even acknowledge anything this girl was saying.

Becoming even more annoyed by this insensitive ass jerk, Brielle