Forbidden Princess (Retribution Games #2) - Ella Miles Page 0,2

I will ensure she rests in peace.”

“Good, you’re ready.”


He puts his hands on both of my shoulders and stares deep into my eyes. “Do you know why they call us Retribution Kings?”

I shake my head. “Because we believe revenge is more powerful than blood. We vow to set wrongs right. We aren’t the good guys. Instead, we get revenge like kings. We derive our power from taking vengeance against those who cross us. And we always get justice. Anyone who crosses us always pays—usually, with their life. You seeking retribution for Odette, your incredible loss, makes you the perfect man to lead us.”

“You still want me to…to take your place as leader?”

“Yes, I have no doubt. Your initiation will start soon, but your final task will be to get retribution for Odette. Do that and my kingdom is yours.”

“I don’t want—”

He shakes his head. “Being the king of the Retribution Kings is an honor and a burden. You’re going to need their help, and they’re going to need you. And you’re going to need a purpose when this is all over.”

I look at Caius, who still hasn’t broken, just like his father. He should be the leader. But I need to do this. I need to be the one to bring Vincent, his men, Ri, and every other person involved in Odette’s death to justice.


I can’t leave it to Caius. I have to be the one. So if it means I get the power when it’s over, then so be it. I’ll do whatever it takes, even if I have to betray them all to honor Odette in her death.

“How do you plan on getting retribution? How do we find out who did this? How do we make them pay?” Caius asks me.

They all have more experience at getting revenge in this town, but as I stare into all of their hardened eyes, I know that we can do this together.

“I have an idea—a game.”

Their lips twist up in wicked curls.

“A way to ruin Corsi, his family, any men involved, and Ri.”

I wait for them to defend her, to say she had nothing to do with this. But none of them come to her defense.

I tell them my idea, and together we brainstorm the best way to execute it.

A contest to take them all down.

The best way to get to Corsi is through Ri. The best way to make the others weak is Ri. Whether Ri is involved or not—she will pay a price.

I’ll convince him to start a game. A game that will help him control his rivals and prevent an all-out war that Monroe said has been brewing. A game I can win.

Win his daughter.

His empire.

Then destroy them all.

We have a plan. Now it’s time to execute. I pick up my phone and call Corsi, hoping he still thinks I’m on his side and that I want to offer my thanks instead of carve his heart out.

I tip back the burning scotch. The alcohol is the only thing keeping me going at this point. It’s the only thing keeping me from crumbling to the ground and dissolving in a puddle of my own tears.

A waiter quickly refills my glass. I’m sure Corsi told the staff to keep the alcohol flowing—a sure-fire way to get these men to fall into his hands and the plan I gave him. He invited us all here—every gangster, elite, monster in the city. We are all here. Now it’s time to see if he enacts my plan as his own.

This time the scotch barely burns my throat as I take another gulp. It numbs my feelings remarkably well, but it doesn’t erase the image in my head. I can only see the image of Odette lying on the floor with a bullet in her head.

I don’t even have her body—nothing to bury.

I will find her.

I will get retribution.

I will destroy them all.

I lean back in my chair as I adjust my tie. The tux is scratchy and suffocating, but it’s a necessary facade to play the role. Corsi thinks I want his daughter, that I’ll prove myself worthy during this game. He doesn’t know I’m playing him like a pawn. I’m using them both to find out what happened to Odette and bring her body home to rest. And if he or his daughter are in any way responsible, as I suspect, I’ll burn everything he loves to the ground.

Gage eyes me as I finish another drink. His scowl says I’ve had enough,