Flirting with Temptation - By Kelley St. John


“It’s not just commitment that concerns me,” Jeff said. “It’s the fact that women simply can’t be satisfied. They’re constantly flirting, constantly on the hunt. I’ve heard that it’s believed that males think about sex three times as much as females. Bull.”

“Are you talking about women in general or me specifically?” Babette asked.


“That’s not true.”

“Prove it, and if you do, then I’ll talk to Kitty.”

“Prove it—how?”

“For the remainder of the time you’re here, you remain focused on the job and you forego the temptation to flirt with every guy on the beach.”

“I’m supposed to be at the beach for a whole week and not even flirt? In order to prove to you that woman can commit?” she asked. “That makes no sense.”

He stood. “Fine. That was my offer.” He started walking toward the door, and Babette gawked at his ass in those pants. Damn piña colada. Definitely would have to lay off of them over the next two weeks, because she was accepting his ridiculous challenge.

“You’re on.”


“A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy . . . Ms. St. John pens a clever story that is not only steeped in humor, but simmering with sexual tension and spicy love scenes.”


“A cute, fun read, Marissa and Trent’s romantic romp will make you laugh out loud.”

—Parkersburg News

“Readers will . . . root for the heroine to finally catch her cheat.”

—Midwest Book Review


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—Publishers Weekly

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Good Girls Don’t