Entice - By Ella Frank


“I can’t believe you just asked me that,” Shelly fumed, hands on hips, mouth open.

“Why? Come on, Shel. It’s not like you don’t have the money. Three-thousand dollars is nothing,” Adam pointed out as he sat on the couch looking at her.

Shelly took a deep breath and turned around to walk into the kitchen. When she got there, she spotted the knife block, thinking better not tempt myself, and made her way to the window instead.

After two years of bailing out her wanna-be-entrepreneur-slash-inventor boyfriend, she’d finally snapped at his latest idiotic idea.

Up until now, most of his “inventions” had been semi-plausible, and she’d been able to convince herself that he’d make enough money one day to pay her back. However, several thousands of dollars later, she was still out the cash, and he was still sitting at home on her couch, cooking up the next million-dollar idea. According to Adam, the latest and greatest was “The Auto-Toss,” a moronic invention with “Want your salad tossed for you?” as the catchy slogan.

Really? Is he serious? Did he even realize the double entendre there?

Shelly raised her hand, squeezing the bridge of her nose.

Honestly, who needs an automatic salad tosser? Okay, even thinking about that made her want to laugh at him. More to the point, she thought, Is this who I possibly want to share DNA with and raise my children? Is this who I want to support for the rest of my life? The immediate and very obvious answer was hell no!

“I can’t do this anymore,” she told him, shaking her head.

“Do what?” Adam demanded.

Shelly turned to face him, noticing he was now standing and glaring at her.

“This,” she motioned back and forward between them.

Adam arched a brow and crossed his arms over his chest.

She tried to look at him objectively, from top to bottom, as though she’d never met him before. He was standing in her living room dressed in Doc Martens that were unlaced. He had on his scruffy blue jeans that had a rip across his left butt cheek, which she knew from staring at his ass one too many times, and a blue flannel shirt.

She wanted to like what she was looking at. She wanted to remember why entering into this relationship had been a good idea, but as he stood there glaring at her, she just couldn’t see it—and didn’t that just piss her off.

“You don’t like the new idea? I mean, come on! It’s great—”

“Stop. Please, God, just stop,” she interrupted. “I’m done with this, Adam—as in us. It’s just not working anymore. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks. And now this, well, this whole salad-tosser thing? It’s a ridiculous idea! I’m not even remotely interested in giving you more money.”

His face contorted in anger the exact moment he realized what she was saying. In all honesty, she couldn’t tell if he was more pissed off about her breaking up with him or for telling him his idea essentially, well, sucked.

“You’re such a snob, Shelly!” He yelled, pointing his finger as if to punctuate his point.

“Excuse me? I’m not a snob.”

“Yeah, you are. The whole time we’ve been together you’ve looked down your nose at me.”

Shelly blinked slowly, feeling her temperature rise quickly. In fact, if she had to guess, she’d venture out and wager her fair skin was probably turning a nice fuming shade of pissed off, and steam was probably starting to leak out of her ears.

This fight wasn’t a new one. Throughout their whole relationship, Adam always accused her of being a snob, and up until this moment, she’d never even entertained the thought.

Up until this exact moment.

“You know what? For once, you’re right, Adam. I’m sick and tired of giving you money to sit at home—my home—and come up with these stupid dead-end ideas that you never follow through with. I’ve got to admit, up until now, most have had an inkling of making it. But this one? Wow, this one really blows. So, yeah, I guess you can call me a snob because I want a man who’ll go out and get a job. Oh, and here’s a novel idea—keep it!” Shelly paused for a moment, thinking about the main example of a man in her life—her father.

All of a sudden, she saw her mother sitting at home in their kitchen, waiting for him to come home, only to find he had been held up for some reason or another.

Yeah, some reason in a skirt.

Nope, Shelly swore she wouldn’t be