Endue: Women, Twins, Cyborgs - L. Ann Marie




“Take your Fabio hair and Peter Pan flying ass back to the Barbie doll with the blow up lips!”

Turning fast, I look for Carmen with my hand out stopping Champ. The girl’s voice is unmistakable. Champ freezes then sits. My eyes adjust with the one on the right zooming in on her like you’d see in the movies. My life feels like a movie lately. With some chip thing in one eye to zoom and my other eye 20/10 they have me clocked at seeing 277° of the possible 360° without turning my head and a mile away with the zoom. Fixing shit takes on a whole new level to healers and Mitch.

“Tiffany does have those porn star lips, I can’t deny that. Sketcher took her home before their girl snuck out.” Justice sounds pissed. I hope he knows I’m right here.

‘Thanks, Jinx. Come through. If I talk to you now, she’ll fuckin’ blow again.’

I take the steps slow rethinking this when she yells, “Who the hell is Sketcher?”

I walk through with Champ, getting a look from Carmen. I throw chin. “Just getting Champ a drink.”

“No problem, Jinx. Sketcher is the Brother that was smiling when his old lady, Tiffany, hugged me for warning them about the girl getting hurt tonight. What’s Fabio?”

I hold my laugh and keep walking. Even I know Fabio. Champ moves faster heading toward the fire. He keeps the smile on my face usually. Right now, I groan getting closer. The bright in the dark has me squinting.

Champ pushes his way through and I’m smiling. The Brother that was by Debra steps back. “What the fuck is that?”

Debra puts her hand on Champ’s head giving him a scratch. “This is Champ. He’s a sweetie. Where’s your…“

I step around Bat, who is just about fucking the chick he has against him and turn toward Debra, edging out the Brother she was talking to. “I’m right here. He got his drink and got me back to the flat land. Once he saw you, he forgot me and ran.”

She smiles. “Did you leave him again?” She bends scratching Champ’s chest.

I move before everyone hears how disabled I am. “I’m finding a beer and a seat. Champ.” My hand goes right to his collar so I can make it around the fire.

Debra follows leaving the Brother watching. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. The light fucks with my eyes,” I say it low so she moves closer.

“Did the fight mess them up?”

Jesus. “No. The difference in color is something I’ll get used to Mitch said. I guess I’m not used to it.” I keep walking and see chairs overlooking the river. Letting Champ’s collar go, I reach for the back of the chair. I’m glad I didn’t lean when I miss it. Champ pushes against my leg causing me to step. “Thanks, Buddy.” Hitting the chair with my hand, I get around it and sit.

Debra sits and looks at the sky. “People are having sex everywhere.”

I smile. “It’s a fun night for the Brothers. We need it after everything that’s been happening. Letting loose and celebrating life is a good way to mark that we made it through.”

She’s quiet for a good minute. “I can see that. Celebrating everything good that happens is like everyone always saying good job.” She’s been getting information from AJ, Hannah and Seren. I’m glad she’s seeing it.

“Acknowledgement. It’s a good way to show appreciation to everyone for the jobs they do. The party is just another way to show it on a bigger scale.”

“So, you’re not celebrating?” Her shy girl comes out in that tentative tone.

My dick jumps and eyes turn to her. “You’re not ready. When you are, we’ll celebrate together.”

The shy girl falls away leaving a look of anger. I almost sigh. If she’s not trying to play nurse, she’s pissed at me. “Did you decide anything else for me?”

Fuck. I take her hand, stroking my thumb on her wrist. “Nope. I didn’t decide this either, you did. If you were ready, you wouldn’t have sat in that chair, you’d be on my lap.”

Her face changes to surprise. My eyes zero in on the flecks of gold and red that move as her pupils widen. She’s going to take the plunge. Finally.


I close my eyes as she turns fast dropping my hand like she was caught in the cookie jar. “Are you ready?”

I want to answer that. She’s finally ready and AJ needs to go. Debra stands up. My eyes follow hers as she bends. “We