Dynamite (Stacked Deck #10) - Emilia Finn



“Oh god. Oh my god. Oh my godddd!”

“Shush!” I slam forward so the top of Kora’s head smacks her headboard, and on each thrust, I pray my orgasm comes soon.

Let us be done. Let us finish what we came here to do. But each time she shouts out to her godly friend, it takes just a little longer for me to reach my peak.

“Oh my g–”

“Dammit.” I bite off my curse, balance on one arm, and free my right hand to slam over her mouth. “Shut up, or you’re gonna get us caught.”

She bites my palm, and laughs like she thinks it’s cute. So I make my movements faster. Harder. My hamstrings burn, and my shoulders bulge from the adrenaline of what’s gonna happen if that dorm door opens.

I’m on campus at the business college an hour or so north of where I actually live. But seeing as I live in a tiny town where everyone knows everyone’s momma, this is what I have to do to get laid without the risk of buckshot in my ass. College girls, college dorms, sorority sisters pretending this is just a phase and not actually their true desire to be filthy.

Kora is a busty blonde finishing her final year in business school to become an accounting auditor. Her parents sent her away to become a bore, so while she’s gone, she’s gonna get her whore days behind her… despite the fact she has a man who’s finishing up his football scholarship – on a full ride he doesn’t need.

Word on the street is he’s big, he’s wealthy, and he’s somewhat possessive.

Kora studies the doorway for a moment. She worries about who might barge in just as much as I do, but her eyes inevitably come back to mine. She’s turned on by the fact she’s being naughty, and hell if I’m not here to fulfill that fantasy for her.

I pull out, shake my head at her childish pout, then I grab her hip and flip her so she’s on her knees, ass up, panting for more. I slam back in and say nothing about the scream that tears up her throat and echoes through the dorm room.

There’s a party in the hall, loud music, and hundreds of drunk students readying for their final semester before freedom. Sex screams aren’t going to rouse any suspicion. And hell, no one can know it’s her just by the sound of her whimpering.

It could be her roommate. The roommate who is probably single and doesn’t have an angry boyfriend searching every room and corner for her.

“Luke,” Kora cries out and grinds back against my cock. Her breathing turns faster, heavier as she bounces against my thighs and begs for more. “Jesus. Go harder.”

I fold forward, grab onto her long hair, and yank it back until her spine arches and her cries change tone. There’s no romance in what we’re doing today. No feelings. No tomorrows. There’s just savagery and pleasure. And the excitement of hurrying before her man realizes she isn’t in the hall.

The lights in this room are all but out, a pink lava-lamp providing the only illumination but for the strip of light under the door. Music thuds in the hall, so deep, so loud that it makes my heart beat to a new tune. It makes me a little breathless, but at the same time, it helps me ride my way to completion on an air of zen.

I yank Kora’s hair, pull her face back until she reaches angles that aren’t compatible for anyone who didn’t do gymnastics her whole childhood, and when her tongue lashes out and touches mine, when she screws her eyes shut and her pussy clenches so tight that I’m almost brought to a standstill, I let go on a grunt and fill my condom in hot, jutting spurts that wring me out and make me weak.

My euphoria lasts a mere second before the door slams open and bounces off the wall with a deafening crack.

Light spills into the room, revealing one massive motherfucker with shoulders broader than anyone I know, and behind him, dozens of faces snooping to catch a glimpse of the campus’ newest drama.

“Oh damn.” I swipe a line of sweat from my brow. “That’s your man, huh?”


And just like that, Kora jumps ship, bounds away from me on a squeak, wraps her arm across her chest to cover her breasts, and when the footballer enters the room with his wide-stride swagger, she presses her back to the