Dirty Girl (Going All the Way #2) - Jenika Snow Page 0,1

grinned down at her. The Vicious Bastards MC was a force to be reckoned with in their small town, lethal, and often had people crossing the street just to avoid walking past them.

“Hey, man.” Booshie and Ziggy clapped hands and did that half-hug thing guys normally do. Ziggy wasn’t a small guy by any means, but compared to Booshie, he looked so tiny. Then again, she supposed anyone looked small in front of Booshie—well, aside from other Vicious Bastards members, or even Cadeon.

“Hey.” Booshie grinned and did one of those chin lift things that, once again, guys tended to do in greeting.

“Hi.” Naggie was nervous, and she hated that feeling. There was just something about the way this man looked at people, or maybe it was just the way he looked at her. Over the past six months since Cadeon had gotten together with the daughter of Scars, the Vicious Bastards’ President, a lot of the bikers from the club had been coming to the parlor more frequently. Cadeon used to do a lot of ink for the bikers at their clubhouse, but since he was practically family now dating Stella, a lot of the guys just came to the shop after hours.

“Cadeon isn’t here today.”

Booshie nodded. “Yeah, I spoke with him. He’s getting ready for a week away with Stella, but I was kind of hoping to get some ink done while he’s out.” Booshie lifted a dark eyebrow. “If you’re game? Cadeon said you can do some wicked shit.”

Naggie felt her cheeks heat, actually felt herself blush. Cadeon had always complimented her work, but for some reason hearing Booshie say it made her belly do this little flip. This was bad, given the fact that she was with Rob, and had been for the past year, but never had she felt anything like this.

“Well,” She cleared her throat and willed her face to stop feeling like fire licked across it. “I can probably do it later this week, as I am booked for the next few days.” God, just thinking about being alone and so close with him had her face getting even hotter. This was bad, really fucking bad, but she just needed to get her shit together and keep calm.

Booshie grinned, and for such a rugged-looking man, his smile totally transformed his face. He wore a dark-colored bandana around his head, and his dark hair brushed along his chin. Naggie had never been the kind of woman who was attracted to men who looked like Booshie, but she also wasn’t going to deny that every time she saw him in the last six months, she realized he was all man.

Rob was a good-looking guy, the type she always went after. He wasn’t clean-cut in the least, sported tattoos and piercings, and was not much bigger than she was, but he was safe. But Booshie… God, here she was staring at him as he shot the shit with Ziggy, and she couldn’t help comparing everything about the two. Booshie had full-sleeve tattoos on both his arms, and she could even see some ink peeking out from under the collar of his shirt. So, he was different from what she normally went for, but then again, not too much.

“So, how ‘bout Wednesday?”

Naggie blinked a few times and realized the guys had stopped talking to each other, and Booshie was now speaking to her. “Yeah, sounds good.” She got her composure back in line and knew she needed to act like a professional. This guy had to be almost twice her age, and she knew that with him being in the Vicious Bastards, he didn’t have high-standing morals when it came to making money, but yeah, she felt this raw desire for him.

He turned and left, and she stood there watching out the front window as he straddled his bike and put his skull cap helmet on. And then there was that roar of life from his bike she could hear over the pounding bass of the music overhead.

“You got a thing for him or something?”

She turned and glared at Ziggy, who wore this goofy-ass smile on his face. “Fuck you. I have a boyfriend.”

“Doesn’t mean you can’t look.” He winked and headed toward the front door to lock up.

No, it didn’t mean she couldn’t look, but the thoughts she had were totally inappropriate, so she told herself from that moment on she was going to put any and all thoughts concerning that big-ass biker out of her head.