Dirty Big Sins - E.M. Gayle

Chapter One


* * *

Two months ago ~ Italy

* * *

There she stood. Two feet in front of me. The siren in the red dress whose name was on the lips of every person in the room.

“Looking for me?”

She whirled at the sound of my voice, putting me nearly chest-to-chest with the woman I’d stalked the entire night.

From across the room she’d been beautiful. Up close she was far more devastating. She had the face of an angel and the body of a goddess, and I’d lusted for a taste of her for hours.

The rumors about her had swirled through the party the entire night. Some loved her, some hated her, and they all wanted to fuck her. I was no exception to the last. It had gotten to the point that if I didn’t get her under me soon, I was going to crawl out of my skin or kill someone.

When the man standing next to her had gotten a little too handsy, I figured it was past time for me to do something about it. Plus, she looked miserable talking to him. She had that trapped look that said she’d literally rather be anywhere than in this room.

When her current companion looked up and caught my stare, it took only seconds for him to get the message that I wasn’t to be fucked with. Either he knew me by reputation or he had excellent skills at reading dangerous body language. Either way he abruptly excused himself and disappeared back into the crowd.

I couldn’t lie. I’d done some crazy things in my life when it came to getting the girl. Although I thought those days were behind me. Until now. Until her.

I’d always had a voracious appetite for sex, but I also prided myself on my discipline and discretion. Since I had been a teenager, I lived and breathed the fight. That singular focus kept me on top and undefeated for the last two decades.

But getting close to this woman… My heart raced.

My thoughts were as erratic as my heartbeat as I awaited her response.

“That seems unlikely since I don’t even know you.” She looked me straight in the eyes as she spoke low. Discreet enough that no one else heard while at the same time utilizing a bold fire in her gaze that made me want to pin her to this very wall and split her in half with my cock.

“You’ve been watching me all night.” I’d seen the coy looks at every turn. Not to mention the downright stares when I’d been in a heated discussion with Dante Landucci. That prick. Call it intuition, but I had a feeling he and I were going to have “family” issues.

She tilted her head and a throaty laugh tumbled from her lush red lips. It was the perfect reaction to distract me from my violent thoughts. Did she know what affect her mouth had on men? No, not men—me.

How many times in one night could a man like me envision fucking that mouth and be expected to stay sane? I didn’t think many because right now I felt anything but sane.

“I don’t know what you mean. This is a party. By its very nature, it’s about watching the people in the room. It’s nothing personal.” She played coy and that was fine by me. If she wanted to play, I’d play—for now.

“What’s your name?” I already knew it, but I wanted to hear it from her almost as much as I wanted to hear my name from her when I made her come.

Fuck. I really did have a one-track mind tonight. My thoughts had dived deep into the gutter the moment I’d stepped into the stuffy ballroom and caught sight of her leaning against the far wall with a glass of champagne dangling from her hand. The same glass she’d nursed all evening. Yes, I had noticed. Details like that were important to me. They always were.

Plus, there were my intentions to consider. With what I had in mind, I had to factor in her level of inebriation before I moved forward. Not only did I not normally pursue women, I sure as hell didn’t fuck them drunk. I had dark desires that came with rules and some were absolutely not meant to be broken. Not even for her.

“Does a name really matter in the grand scheme of things?”

Her mouth tightened into a tiny frown, causing something dark to twist in my gut. Whatever or whomever had made this woman unhappy tonight