The Devil's Touch - By William W. Johnstone


She knelt in the center of the circle drawn on the floor. The circle was drawn with yellow chalk. She was careful that one bare knee was placed on the symbol denoting La Maison De Dieu, the past, and her other bare knee on the symbol denoting La Lune, the future. The symbols were widely separated and she was forced to spread her thighs far apart. She was naked.

The candles in the huge room flickered, casting long yellow shadows around the room, darkly illuminating the circle of men and women surrounding the girl in the yellow circle. A lone flute, played by a young man wearing a black hooded robe cast its lonely sounds, the notes fluttering almost passively through the room.

The scene was soon to become anything but passive.

Kitty Carrier kept her eyes downcast as she had been instructed by the Coven leader. She knew what was next in store for her. Sweat beaded her face and began trickling down between her breasts at the thought.

"Renaissance," a man spoke from the darkness outside the circle.

It was time for Kitty's rebirth.

A rubber penis was placed in the circle, the lifelike dildo covered with drawings of many colors. Just under the flared head was a drawing depicting the fifteenth card of the major arcana of the tarot: Le Diable. The Devil faced upward, just under the flared head of the rubber penis. When the Devil is positioned thusly, the picture denotes bondage; subordination; suffering; shock; ravage; violence; self-punishment.

Renaissance. Rebirth. A time for renouncing one God and choosing another. When the picture of the Devil is placed upside down, only then can a person be freed. But if marriage has already occurred, no divorce is possible. For when one marries Satan, the contract is final.

"Let it commence," the man again spoke from the darkness. "She is ready."

The young woman's fingers found the rubber of the garishly painted penis. She lifted it. Her hand trembled at its weight and bulk.

Kitty was sixteen.

She was a virgin.

The music from the flute stopped in mid-note.

Outside the drape-darkened windows of the huge house, black clouds rolled overhead, obscuring any light from God's moon. The misshapen forms of nonhuman things began to emerge from the ground, to dance obscenely under the whispering winds and the dark clouds. The grotesque creatures were known as Beasts—the Devil's spawn. They were as old as evil and older than man is known today. The Beasts were mistakes in the scheme of living things. Failures that Satan chose for his own. They are found all over the world; wherever there is a coven that worships the Prince of Darkness, the Lord of Flies or the King of Filth.


The Beasts began growling with pleasure as the screams of the young woman penetrated the wood and glass and cloth and stone of the mansion as the rubber penis denoting the Dark One's organ penetrated her.

Blood began streaking her thighs, and her screams became shrieks of agony as the penis tore its way into her.

Kitty hunched on the floor and wailed. "It's cold! It's cold!"

Within her wet warmth, the penis came alive as the men and women of the coven chanted to the Prince of Darkness.

The Beasts, now freed after a two year sleep under the blanket of earth, danced and growled and snapped their fanged animal jaws, flinging their hairy arms and prancing about on bent legs and cloven-hooved feet. Slobber drooled and dripped from the jaws in stinking ropes.

"Take this girl!" the coven leader shouted, his voice rising over the chantings of the worshippers of the black marriage. "She longs to be free from the chains of the Christian God and to drink the wine of the Prince of Darkness."

The coven members began stamping their bare feet on the floor. The room began to stink of sulphur.

Kitty pushed the devil's organ deeper; steam rose from between her legs as heat met cold. Sweat bathed her and her hair became damp and limp. Her eyes were glazed from pain and the extreme changes in body temperature. She groaned and then screamed out.

The black candles dripped hot wax as Kitty pushed the cold organ to its full length. She collapsed on her bare back, her legs spread obscenely wide, her knees bent, her feet flat on the floor. The wide base of the cold rubber covered her pubic area.

It was time for the marriage. An unholy uniting. A mating and marriage between Kitty and the Devil. A dirty covering of tattered