Devilish Mate Devilish Mate (Claimed By Lucifer #2) - Elizabeth Briggs



In all my thousands of years of existence, killing my mate was the hardest thing I’d ever done.

The light faded from Hannah’s eyes, along with a look of betrayal I’d never be able to forget in all my days. As her life left her, anguish gathered in my chest, growing and pressing outward until I barely held myself together.

She slumped in my arms.


“I’m sorry.” I settled her back against the leather couch and swallowed against the emotion trying to claw its way from my heart. “It was the only way."

My regretful apology wasn’t enough. It would never be enough. How could I apologize for this? For killing her? Even if I did it to break the curse, with every intention of bringing her back to life, I wasn’t sure my actions could ever be forgiven. Even if she forgave me, could I forgive myself?

My Hannah lay on the couch, her chest still. So still. I grazed my knuckles across her soft, pale cheeks as I watched her face and waited. The more seconds passed, the more certain I became that I’d made the wrong decision. What was taking so long?

Samael rushed in, visible in my peripheral vision. He stopped short and stilled completely as he took in the scene. I couldn’t tear my gaze away from my love, the other half of my soul. Come back to me, Hannah.

“What have you done?” Samael asked, the horror evident in his tone.

My voice came out tight. “I had to do it to break the curse. Don’t worry, her death won’t be permanent.” But her skin grew colder under my fingertips as I stroked her jawline, trying to wake her up with the strength of my will. “I hope.”

My attention shifted from Hannah’s face when five winged people flew through the broken glass of the windows and landed in the penthouse, their feet touching the ground with barely a sound. As their wings folded shut with a snap, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Kassiel adjusted his tie and straightened his suit as he gazed at the destruction and death before him. At his side was his lover, Olivia, along with her three other mates, Bastien, Callan, and Marcus. As a half-succubus, she required four of them to keep her sated, just like her mother, Lilith. I’d called them earlier today in the hopes they could help me with this matter—and I’d only gone forward with breaking the curse once I’d seen them outside, fighting Mammon and his dragons beside my people.

I rose to my feet and faced them. “Thank you for coming with all haste.”

Kassiel strode forward with the others at his heels. “It’s fortunate we were already nearby when you called us.”

“That was quite the skirmish.” Olivia nodded toward the broken window and the skies outside where we’d all fought the dragons and gargoyles. All our enemies had fled after I’d taken out their leader, but unfortunately Gadreel—now revealed as Adam—had fled too, and taken Samael’s ancient journals with him. Something I would worry about later. All that mattered now was bringing my mate back.

Kassiel’s green eyes landed on Hannah’s prone body. “Although perhaps we were too late...”

I focused on one of Olivia’s other mates, Marcus. As an angel of the Malakim choir, he had the ability to heal, and as the son of Archangel Raphael, he also had a unique and miraculous ability. One I needed right now.

“Resurrect her,” I demanded. It wasn’t a request. It was a command, laced with power, and it resonated from the depths of my soul. Even if these angels hadn’t owed me a favor, they’d find it difficult to refuse me.

“I’ll try, but I can’t guarantee it’ll work.” The dark-haired angel walked to Hannah and examined her quickly, before glancing at me with hesitation.

“Just do it,” I barked. I had no patience for doubt today. The longer we waited, the harder it would be to bring her back. And we had to bring her back. I would accept no other possible outcome.

Marcus rested his hands on Hannah’s chest, just under her collarbones, and a white glow surrounded her. I held my breath in anticipation. If she came back, I’d go to the ends of the Earth to keep her safe and make up for all the years of pain we’d been through. I’d do whatever it took to make her forgive me for what I’d done.

Olivia held out one hand and Marcus took it, enveloping it in his larger one. Her other mates crowded around and