A Demon's Harmony - E.C. Land

Prologue One


18 years old

“Why did I agree to come to this football game with you?” I groan as my best friend drags me through the stands to where the rest of our friends are sitting.

Dang it, I don’t want to be here. I would have preferred to have stayed home reading one of my books on the kindle. I had just started this whole series about werewolves and such by one of my favorite authors earlier today.

“Oh, suck it up buttercup and have some fun. Besides you never know you might see your boyfriend here,” she mutters. Lori has never liked the fact I’d gotten with Tanner and is constantly bitter about the fact.

“Will you just stop with the sarcasm? Tanner has never done a thing to you,” I say in defense of my boyfriend. I’ve known him since my sister and I moved here to live with my grandmother. My little sister introduced me to him in the hallway one day when she’d been talking to him and Chaz, her boyfriend.

I had immediately wanted to know more about Tanner. Only I didn’t know how to talk to him without embarrassing myself. Unfortunately, I’d ended up stumbling over my words. After that day I’d avoid him as much as possible. Wasn’t always easy when my sister would drag me along to listen to their band practice.

Tanner would always grin at me which caused me to blush and divert my gaze. One day he’d approached me and asked me to go with him to the movies. From that day we were together. If I wasn’t with him, I was with my friends. However, Lori had distanced herself from me after finding out about Tanner and me.

“Tanner is with the guys tonight so I’m sure they’re probably here. He never misses his brother’s games,” I shrug.

No matter how different the two brothers are they are tight just like he is with Chaz, Hunter, and Lex. Kobi is there to support Tanner and vice versa. I admire the relationship he has with his brother. They don’t have the best of dads. He's a drug addict and is always mean. Tanner doesn’t like for me to go over there for that very reason.

“I’m sure that’s the only reason,” Lori snipes.

“You know what. I think I’ll just go home. I don’t need to sit here and listen to this mess from you. When you get over your problem with me being with Tanner then we can hang out,” I snap as I stand up and head down the bleachers. I’m not going to subject myself to negativity. Not when I don’t have time for it.

Making my way toward the exit, movement catches my gaze. Turning my head, my feet stop in their tracks at what I’m staring at. My boyfriend and Shannon, one of the high school cheerleaders, are making out under the bleachers.

Tears well in my eyes as my heart shatters into a million pieces.

Rushing out of there I can’t get the sight of Tanner and the skank out of my head. Why would he do this to me? I thought everything between us was great.

Is this why Lori was being such a bitch? She knew but didn’t want to tell me?

God I’m so fucking stupid.

Since I didn’t drive, I start walking. We don’t live too far from the school. I’ll be able to get home in no time.

Or so I thought when it starts to rain. Of course, it’s not just a drizzle or even a light rain. No, it’s as if the bottom drops. For a good few minutes, I can barely see in front of me.

“Great, just freaking great. What did I ever do to deserve this?” I yell up at the sky.

With tears falling down my cheeks I slowly make my way home. My heart is in complete shambles by the time I see the house in the distance. Lights can be seen through the darkened sky.

The moment I enter the house I’m thankfully met with silence. My grandma must have already gone to bed. Making my way to my room I touch the picture of my parents that sits on the table by the stairs.

I miss them so much. It still hurts that they had to die leaving my sister Jamie and I.

Now I might as well be dead on the inside. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get over Tanner. I was taught growing up that love is forever and when you find the one to