Deliver Us From Evil (Deliver Us From Evil #3) - Monica James


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Beyond the Roses

CONTENT WARNING: Although I’ve consulted with many locals, please be mindful, this is a work of fiction. Places, events, and incidents are either the product of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner.

DELIVER US FROM EVIL is a DARK ROMANCE. It contains mature themes that might make some readers uncomfortable.


“I’m sorry. I don’t have it. But I can pay ye—”

Punch to the jaw.

Kick to the ribs.

Nothing hurts anymore. My mind, as well as my body, is numb to the pain.

This is how I felt ten years ago. However, this is so much worse. Back then, I had hope, but now, I have none. Hope was lost a week ago when Babydoll was taken from me and I killed my best friend in cold blood.

“Puck, I fucked up, so I did. I’m s-sorry. Please don’t kill me.”

Those were Rory’s last words—begging for his life.

But it didn’t make a difference. He’d made his choice as I did mine, and now, I must live with those choices.

It’s because I once cared that I’m here, beating up a kid because he’s hooked on the shite the Kellys sold him. He curls himself into a ball, begging for mercy, but I don’t have any. I am dead inside.

Dropping to one knee, I yank him up by the collar of his shirt, pressing us nose to nose. “I’m not interested in yer excuses. You have twenty-four hours to get the money you owe. If not, I will kill yer family and make ya watch.”

“O-okay,” he whimpers, tears streaming down his face.

I toss him onto the ground and turn away. Bystanders watch on, too afraid to intervene because word on the street is that Puck Kelly is back; and he is out for blood.

Jumping into my truck, I calmly light a cigarette and drive away from the mess I made. It’s just one of many. That’s the consequence of being Sean Kelly’s errand boy.

Clenching the steering wheel, I think how a week can change the course of everything. When I entered Connor’s old factory, I thought I had things sorted. The plan was far from perfect, but I thought if anyone would suffer the consequences, it would be me—I suppose in more ways than one, I have.

I’ve lost my friends—one I murdered; the others see me as nothing but a monster. I’ve pushed my family aside in fear of them getting hurt. And I let down the only person who ever believed in me. Babydoll trusted me, and in return, she paid with her freedom.

I don’t know where she is. I don’t even know if she’s alive. All I know is that my father, Sean Kelly, has the answer, which is why I’m forced to live this way—his prisoner. Until I get those answers, I’m at his mercy, which is why I refuse to show any.

A week ago, I surrendered, something I promised to never do. But never before have I been placed into a position where my hands are tied. There is no compromise. No way out of this because I will do anything to protect Babydoll—even if that means selling my soul to the monster I call father.

I can’t sleep.

I can’t eat.

I feel so hollow inside.

Prison was nothing compared to the imprisonment I feel because being without Babydoll is a life sentence.

I can’t even begin to think about what’s been done to her. My hope is Sean is holding her ransom, knowing I will do anything to keep her safe, knowing I will happily sacrifice my life for hers. But I don’t know anything anymore.

Blind faith is what led me here, and it’s what leads me now as I drive to Sean’s house. I was right. He’s been in Belfast this entire time, watching and waiting like the predator he is.

He was waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike; and that time was when I was released from prison. He set the trap, and I played straight into his hands.

I thought I outsmarted him—but I did everything to benefit him. I killed Brody. I weeded out the traitors. I did everything thinking it would benefit me, but in the end, all it did was make his empire stronger.

Our associates believe the Kellys are back—that Sean and I are working together. They don’t know he holds a loaded gun to my head.

When his modest home comes into view, I swallow down my disgust. I expected he lived somewhere fancy. But that would draw too much attention to him. He wanted to