Dear Daddy, Please Keep Me (Naughty or Nice #7) - Morticia Knight

Chapter One

Eric lay in bed staring at his laptop screen with wide eyes. He could barely believe the contents of the email he’d just received from Cuffd, the kink app he’d joined as a last-ditch effort to find a Daddy. If he couldn’t find someone there soon, he was going to give up searching—at least for a while. The disappointment of not finding a Daddy he clicked with, or more accurately, who clicked with him, had become more stressful than he could handle.

But this. This was the awesomest idea ever. A Dear Santa letter? To find the perfect Dominant? Apparently, all he had to do was post a letter to Santa in the event section that would be attached to his Cuffd profile. He’d choose whether he’d been naughty or nice—of course, he’d been nice—then ask for the type of Daddy he wanted. After that, all the available men on the site would see his letter. Surely, the perfect one for him had to be out there somewhere?

Eric scraped his teeth along his lower lip as he read through the message again. This could work. Sure, his profile had everything in it already that he was looking for, but a heavily advertised event like this could encourage even more Daddies to check him out— especially if he wrote a super amazing letter.

Then another part of the email jumped out at him that he hadn’t noticed before. He drew his eyebrows together in confusion. Apparently, the event had already been taking place and this was a reminder to join in the fun. How the hell had he missed the first notification? He always got alerts from Cuffd—they were the first thing he scanned for every time he opened his email.

He checked his SPAM folder and huffed the moment he spotted the initial message Cuffd had sent out. He stabbed the ‘not SPAM’ button.


Now he had even less time to participate. Christmas was less than a few weeks away. If he didn’t post his letter soon, all the best Daddies would be gone. With everything going on at work, when would he have time to concentrate? His focus was terrible on a good day, at least when it came to things he really, really wanted.

Tasks related to work or doing chores or completing lists were a different story. At least most of the time. It was only when his boss at the catering company had one of his yelling fits or started belittling everyone that he’d get flustered.

But other than that, his biggest issue was when he wished for something so, so much, something extra important to him personally. That’s when his mind would become as empty as his bank account the day before payday.

Eric rolled onto his stomach on his single bed, dragging his laptop with him. He scanned the details of the email again, making sure that all types of Doms would be included. His main profile was in the littles-only section, and it would suck if age play wasn’t part of the holiday event for some reason. His lips pulled into a grin when he spotted that all kinks were welcome.

But the panic returned, overriding the relief of being able to join the event.

I still have to write a damn letter.

He needed to be charming, alluring. Special. His profile alone had taken weeks for him to finish, and that had been with the help of his co-worker and best friend, Kira. As it was, he still kept changing it all the time. Other than promising to be a good boy, he wasn’t sure what else he had to offer a Daddy. The concept that a man would want to spend all their time seeing to his needs was still one he found hard to grasp.

I suppose that’s why I’m the boy and not the Daddy.

Eric groaned, flopping onto his back and stuffing Prince the Pug, his favorite Squishmallow pillow, under his head. He’d be pulling extra shifts at the catering company between now and New Year’s. He’d be mixing and whipping and blending, decorating cookies and cakes and tarts with dancing elves, smiling angels and dollops of whipped cream. Around the clock, the baking of pastries would abound. He’d barely get the chance to step out of the kitchen so he could meet up with anyone, let alone write a Daddy-grabber of a letter.

Their schedule this holiday season would be hell. His boss had already warned him he needed to be on call in case anyone was a no show.