Deadly Love (The Deadly #1) - Erin Trejo Page 0,4

I step into the bathroom, Tino is there. Naked and pressing me into the wall. His hard body calls to me like a drug. In no time he has me naked, shoving into me from behind. My face is smashed to the wall as he fucks me into submission.

Chapter Four


“It’s been six months, Lorenzo.” I close my eyes to refrain from killing him on the spot until I have what I need.

“And that means what?”

“You should be over it by now. A man of your power should move on much easier than others,” my father says as if speaking about some random person we’ve never met. She’s my sister and granted she isn’t really dead; I still need to play the part.

“She was your daughter.”

“Yes, as I’m sure there are others out there in the world.” His nonchalant comment pisses me off further. It works under my skin and causes me to shudder. The time is coming for him.

“She was all I had,” I say through gritted teeth.

“Oh, Lorenzo. If you truly believe that why are you still here?” I take a calming breath and turn to my father, passing him the folder.

“I need this signed. The transports are coming into Florida in a few more days,” I tell him and watch as he looks them over. Moving to sit in the chair across the desk from him, he eyes the documents. It would be so easy to put a bullet in his head.

“Have we heard from Rozano?” he asks looking up briefly as I shake my head.

“Not since that little show down we haven’t. It seems he’s gone underground which is fine by me,” I add. Rozano is a snake that wears many faces. At one point he was a boss, at another he was nothing more than a soldier. Now? We have no idea what he is.

“Yes, well that’s only temporary. I’m sure he will resurface at some point and we need a plan of action to handle him,” he tells me.

“I agree. Shoot to kill.” He chuckles.

“That is one way of going about it but I’d like to know what has him running first.” I knew it. I knew the bastard wouldn’t go the easy route. We have nothing to do with Rozano and now he’s making it a point to find him. Why? What is he after?

“Whatever you want.”

“Why are you so short with me today?” His hot gaze turns on me and I have to hold back the anger I feel toward him. The hatred that spurs my every move.

“You are taking things way too lightly. Gaia’s death,” I say before clearing my throat and continuing. “Shouldn’t be brushed under the table.”

“What do you propose? Going after the MC?” Fuck no. That’s the last thing I would have thought of. Grave is a good guy and whether I like it or not, they are family to me in the ways that matter.

“No. The MC has nothing to do with this. There was an order given and I want to know why.”

“You won’t let it go will you?”


“Well, in that case, I suggest you rethink your place. Rethink your role here. Sometimes things happen in life and we can’t control them, Enzo. You have to accept them and move on. You are clearly having troubles with that aspect of what’s happened. There was no order given. Get over it.” The finality in his words just spur me on. I will find out what the hell was going on.

“Very well said, father. I shall work on that aspect.” He nods his head, signs the papers and passes me the folder. I shove out of my chair and head toward the door when he speaks.

“Her death did hurt me, Enzo. We all grieve differently.” I don’t bother to turn and look at him. I just leave and head down the hallway. Hugo, my best friend steps up next to me.

“Didn’t go well I assume?”

“What makes you say that?” I ask glancing in his direction.

“The tic in your jaw? The anger in your eyes? You choose,” he chuckles.

“He pisses me off for more reasons than one. I can’t begin to tell you how much,” I tell him. When we reach the door, the doorman holds my jacket up and I slip my arms in before walking outside. The air isn’t as cold anymore now that winter is over. In fact, it’s beginning to heat up which means more and more idiots will come out of the woodwork and onto