Deadly Love (The Deadly #1) - Erin Trejo Page 0,1

feel. I didn’t need to look around or ask questions. The gut doesn’t lie.

Peeking around the corner of the door, I don’t see anyone coming this way. Slipping out of the room, I head for the stairs. I can vaguely hear a few female voices but women don’t bother me. I can kill a woman with the flick of a wrist. I creep up the steps careful of where I step so I don’t make a sound when I reach the door. This is the same way that asshole brought me when he found me. I turn the knob as my heart pounds in my chest. The adrenaline is enough to make me want to scream or fuck someone senseless but seeing how I’m solo, I will have to refrain from both. The door opens without a sound and I stick my head through to make sure no one is around once more before I make a run for it. The front door is less than ten feet away from me. Energy surges through me, a euphoric high that I love as I race out the front door and across the lawn. I’m outside the gates and down the road before anyone else had the chance to see me. Dragging my cell out of my pocket, I dial the one person that knows what I’m doing.

“Find anything?”

“Nope but I’m fine, thank you for asking.”

“Are you okay, Tessa?” His voice is almost like silk slipping over my flesh. I love listening to it.

“I’m fine. I’ll be back soon.”

“Don’t make any stops,” he adds.

“Sorry Valentino. Can’t promise that,” I aggravate him as I walk down the road. The hot air is stifling. I wish I would have stolen a car but too little too late I suppose.

“I’m not playing, Tessa. Get back here!” His growl is sexy as hell.

“Yes, sir. I will be there soon,” I mock him. He blows out a breath into the line before chuckling.

“You’re going to be the death of me.”

“I’d say that’s about right.” Hanging the phone up, I decide I’m going to make a pit stop.

Chapter Two


“This is stupid!” She squeals once more. I swear on everything I love that if I have to hear her squeal just one more time I will shoot her myself. It’s not that I don’t love my sister, I do but she is the most impatient thing I’ve ever met in my life. Not to mention the fact that she knows why I am doing things the way I am.

“He isn’t going anywhere, Gaia,” I remind her for the tenth time today. It’s barely ten in the morning and she has been going non-stop.

“He’s probably flipping out, Enzo.” Pressing the palms of my hands into my eyes, I sigh. I can feel the migraine coming already.

“We had a deal,” I remind her.

“Oh, me getting shot wasn’t part of that deal!”

“Neither was sleeping with the biker. I suppose we were both wrong,” I add.

“I wasn’t wrong. I love him, Enzo,” she says softly.

“I know you do but this shit isn’t handled properly, Gaia.”

“Can’t you just bring him here?” She pleads. Being the older of the two of us, I’m in charge. Regardless of the fact she’s an adult, I am still in charge of her care. Especially since the issues with my father still haven’t been resolved.

“I don’t want to risk anyone seeing him and word getting back to father.” I pull the drawer open on my desk and pull out the bottle of Jack. Reaching across the desk, I grab the glass and set it in front of me, pouring it full.

“Day drinking now?” She asks. When I look up at her, I can see her raising her eyebrow.

“Yes, you cause me to day drink, Gaia. You don’t listen.”

“I’m an adult. A married adult at that and I want my damn husband,” she whines as she stomps her foot. Yes, very adult like. I take down the glass of Jack and pour another as she watches me.

“I’ll see what I can do,” I tell her. Cue the squeal once more. Gaia runs around the desk and throws herself into my arms, hugging me around the neck.

“Thank you,” she whispers. I pull back and look into my sister’s dark brown gaze.

“You truly love him?” I have thought this over. I know that Preacher took care of her and after the fact, I’d learned exactly what Gaia had done but that doesn’t change the facts. She’s a mafia princess, not a biker