Dead Girl Talking - By Annmarie Ortega Page 0,1

me by the hand leading me off the dance floor. I didn’t even ask where we were going. I followed him up a tall flight of stairs to the second floor of the nightclub. There were various rooms upstairs, each one painted a different color. Some rooms had overstuffed sofas or chairs for people to sit and talk. He led me to a room painted a bright peacock blue; the only furniture was a red sofa shaped like a pair of giant lips against the wall. He led me to it, sitting down then pulled me down to sit on his lap, straddling him.

Jake had an expression that made my pulse race; there was a fire raging in his eyes. He put his hands on my face and stared at me intensely, then pulled me to him so our lips touched. Our first kiss was gentle, but then he seemed to lose control and his kisses became harder and more intense. His tongue pushed against my lips and I opened myself to him. I knew that I should get up and leave but I let what my body was feeling control me instead of my sense of reason. I missed kissing, and I guess I simply let myself be carried away.

Jake’s hands caressed my hair as I wrapped my arms around his neck. My entire body turned hot from his kisses. His mouth left mine and started to trail down my neck. I could feel his breath against my skin as he groaned low against my throat.

He took one of my hands in his and guided it to his lap and the bulge between his legs. I could feel his rock hard erection under the denim of his jeans. My head was thrown back, my mouth slightly parted as I caressed him and he continued to kiss my neck. His mouth moved from my neck to my ear. “God, I want to fuck you, Janice.”

I didn’t say anything back; I was completely lost in him. He could have taken me right there and I wouldn’t have protested.

All of a sudden, the music stopped and the overhead lights in the club came on. It was jarring and brought us back to reality quickly.

“What time is it?” he asked.

The way he stopped kissing me was abrupt, and from the way we’d been kissing, his actions surprised me. “Well if they’re turning on the lights then it must be four in the morning.” I couldn’t believe that time had gone by so quickly with him. We had spent almost the entire night together.

“Damn. I have to go right away.” He was clearly upset because of the time.

“Oh, ok.” I got up off his lap. I was disappointed he seemed in a hurry to leave all of a sudden.

Jake stood up. “Bye,” he said then kissed my cheek. He turned around to leave and started to walk to the staircase we used to get to the second floor. I watched him pause, then turn around and rush back to me. He took my hands in his. “Listen, I’m so sorry I have to leave like this and I’d really love to see you again. Could you meet me here next Saturday night?” His eyes looked anxious and he seemed tightly wound, as if he was fighting the urge to run down the stairs out of the club.

“Sure, I can be here.” It was obvious we were attracted to each other so hell yeah I wanted to see him again. When I had gone there that night, I hadn’t planned to meet anyone but I enjoyed him kissing me and feeling his hands on me. I hadn’t made love with a man for a long time and quite honestly, the idea of having a one-night stand was appealing to me.

“Good. So I’ll see you next weekend.” He turned around to leave again, then once again hesitated and turned back and kissed me one last time. He rushed back to the staircase and hurried down the stairs. I walked over to the balcony that overlooked the entire dance floor. I saw him look up at me to smile and wave before he disappeared into the crowd of people leaving through the club’s front doors.

I stood there for a moment with my hands on the railing, thinking about everything that had happened that night with Jake. I wondered if he would really show up next weekend. One thing I did know; I would be there to find