Dead Girl Talking - By Annmarie Ortega

Chapter One

I’m not a slut. I’ve never been the type of woman who has a one-night stand with a man I just met. I have to know a man for a while before getting naked in front of him. So it was completely out of character for me to be lying flat on my back getting my brains screwed out by a guy I just met, but I did just that. And sleeping with that stranger changed my life forever. It just so happens that my one-night stand was with a vampire who in the throes of passion bit me making me a vampire too. I learned the hard way that love bites, and once bitten there’s no going back.

I usually go to one particular nightclub to meet my roommate Veronica. This particular night she never showed up and I honestly wasn’t all that surprised. She had a boyfriend that she was with all the time and she was hardly ever at our apartment anymore. I knew it was just a matter of time before she’d tell me that she was going to move out of our place and in with her boyfriend.

After waiting around for Veronica for a while I decided to go home. The club scene wasn’t my thing and I’d much rather put on my favorite flannel pajamas and read the book I bought earlier that day. I was walking towards the club doors to leave when a man I was passing stopped me.

“Hey, you’re not leaving now, are you?” He had an exaggerated frown on his face when he grabbed my arm. I had never seen this guy before and was positive I’d remember him if I had. He was gorgeous. While he spoke, I was baffled as to why he was even talking to me. Let’s just say I’m no model. I have long brown hair, brown eyes, average height and thighs a little too large for my liking.

I laughed while nodding my head to him. “Yeah, sorry I’m about to go.” I knew he was trying to pick me up, but I wasn’t interested.

“My name is Jake. How about you let me buy you a drink before you go…” he trailed off waiting for me to tell him my name. He comically raised an eyebrow waiting for my response.

I looked at him and thought about my pajamas and book waiting for me at home. Then I decided one drink couldn’t hurt. “My name is Janice and I’ll stay for one drink, but that’s it.” I emphasized the word one so he’d know I had no intention of hanging around all night.

“Cool, come on.” He turned to lead me back towards the bar. “Is vodka and tonic ok?”

“Yeah, sure that’s fine,” I answered.

We sat next to each other on stools and he ordered us drinks. We sat at the bar and talked for a while, joking and making each other laugh with silly small talk. When I finished my drink I pushed the glass away from me on the bar indicating I was finished.

“Jake, it was nice meeting you and thanks for the drink. I have to be going now.” I stood up to leave.

“You’re going to go? I was thinking that maybe we could dance?”

“Oh were you?” He was a smooth talker and probably they type of guy who got everything he wanted. I knew his type well; too well in fact. I had been in a relationship for a long time with someone who reminded me a lot of this guy.

“Dance with me,” he pleaded as he got up and started to pull me by the hand to the dance floor. I thought he was adorable and I knew I wasn’t going to say no to him. We danced to a few songs together on the overly crowded dance floor. I started to notice a lot of women staring at us. Then I realized actually they weren’t staring at us, they were staring at him. He was the kind of man you’d see looking at you from the glossy pages of a magazine, not in real life. He had light brown hair that was all one length and hung past his shoulders. His eyes were a light brown with amber colored flecks in them. He wore a white t-shirt and faded jeans over his muscular frame. It was obvious to me that he worked out from the muscles I could see bulging through his shirt.

When the song we were dancing to ended, he took