Daddy's Girl - Victoria Sue

Chapter One

“In what universe did you think this could possibly be a good idea?”

Papa arched an eyebrow at Kyron in the same manner his father would have done. Probably in the same manner his grandfather would have done. Kyron didn’t glare at him, much as he felt like doing, because he was essentially correct. Kyron was down to the wire. He had a month to get an omega pregnant or he would lose the vineyard, the house, the land, and more importantly, it would put the families that had worked for Grayson’s for generations out of jobs and homes.

Worse, he would have let his father down. And he’d tried. He’d been to the fertility center so many times to have sperm extracted you would think Kyron could have fathered half a country.

And he’d had every test. If Kyron’s swimmers hadn’t passed as okay the lawyers would never have agreed to the three-year extension. It was a ridiculous archaic rule his great-great-great plus a few more grandfather had put into the original will. It was ironclad. If the direct heir didn’t produce his own heir before he was twenty-five, then all of Grayson holdings went to the next in line.

And Vincent Grayson—Kyron’s first cousin—had already gotten his omega pregnant. The baby was due to be born any day. He waited for the sharp stab of pain and anger to accompany that thought and was surprised when it didn’t come.

“It worked for your father and me,” Papa said again as gently as he could.

Kyron nearly scoffed. Taking his anger and frustration out on Papa didn’t help anyone, but there was no way an omega would live in this house again. Braydon—his last mistake—had nearly cost him his sanity, there would never be a repeat. Omegas were selfish, conniving, manipulative bastards and there was no way Kyron was going anywhere near one, let alone have one live here.

But his decision to go the test-tube route clearly wasn’t working.

“You have a team of lawyers,” Papa reasoned, “and little time.”

He glanced at the only omega Kyron would ever have in this house. “Just because you’re the exception,” he muttered, which got a smile from Papa. A small one, because as time went on, smiling was becoming a rare commodity in this house.

“Kyron,” Papa said coaxingly. “I know the family. The omega needs money desperately. He has aging parents who have no other children and they have all been given notice to leave their home because the father can no longer do the job. The house they live in is tied to the alpha he worked for.”

Kyron frowned. That was harsh. A common practice, but harsh nonetheless.

“And bluntly put, I understand the omega himself is approaching his heat. If you miss this one, another month will see your cousin ensconced in this house, and there will be nothing you can do about it.”

“But what if it doesn’t work?” Kyron said feebly, knowing he was running out of protests.

“Then you will be no worse off.”

He supposed that was true. Kyron turned and walked to the large glass doors that opened fully the width of the room. There was a huge patio area with seating for a good fifty people. When his father had been alive, the parties they’d held had been legendary. Beyond that was a lawn the size of a football field, he had played on it for years and once dreamed he would see his own children on there. Most of his dreams had shattered ten years ago with his father’s death. Now it looked like he was about to lose the last one. Beyond the lawns, the fields of vines extended as far as the eye could see.

“Why don’t you meet him and then decide?”

Kyron rubbed his head in frustration. It wasn’t just the issue of bringing an omega here. He had no idea what Isaac would say when he found out. Isaac was his foreman, and on-off boyfriend, he guessed. They were currently very much off and off for good, Kyron thought, but he was the other reason having an omega here would be hard. Not that they had much of a relationship, or even an exclusive one, but he knew that was his fault. Isaac had hinted for more. In many ways it would have made life simpler if Isaac had been an omega. But if he was, he would never have been his foreman, and they might never have met. Omegas were usually treated liked pampered princes. Having a career running a