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to let anyone of those other chicken heads in her shop do it.”

“I heard that. Let’s get unpacked and we’ll go eat, drink, be merry and bike ride.” Kemah moved towards her luggage. “You think they have any bikes with umbrellas on them?” Shyla shook her head. “I didn’t think so,” she sighed. “But I can dream though.”

Both women finished putting away their belongings, showered, dressed and went in search of eats and bike rentals.

The sun was set on hell when Zackary walked off the plane. It was sure to be a scorcher by the time he got to his hotel off the beach. Zackary needed a vacation. He didn’t want to admit it; he was too focused on his job.

Zackary was a veterinarian. He and his partner and best friend opened a business several years before and today would be his very first real vacation since his wedding years before that.

He was no longer married, he no longer had to please the selfish woman he’d married and give her all his time and money. He was content for the most part. At times there was loneliness. There were even women he dated but nothing serious enough to do anything about. He had two beautiful daughters to consider, and their happiness came first. Zackary hadn’t wanted to come on vacation without them but his family insisted that he needed time to himself, to relax, unwind and get laid , one of his brother’s had told him. He didn’t know about the latter but he definitely needed to relax.

Zackary wasn’t one to have casual sex, but he knew many who did. The last thing he needed was to catch something from someone and something of his fall off. Just thinking about it made his body cower. He’d be alright.

The first thing Zackary noticed when he entered the airport terminal was the many beautiful women. Some just getting in, others waiting to head out, but they were all beautiful. Black, Caucasian, Asian, Latina, you name it, but to him, black women were the most beautiful creatures in the world. Like California Bing Cherries, the darker the sweeter. That’s what he’d always been told. Experience made him a believer

He couldn’t help but notice how several of them were checking him out, whispering and waving. He wasn’t dressed in any kind of special way. A pair of navy blue Dockers white V-neck T-shirt and sandals. His sunglasses sat atop his head. He did have a nice body but you couldn’t see the full blunt of it with what he was wearing. At least that’s what he thought.

Zachary made it to the rental outlet, picked up his vehicle and was given direction to his hotel. The SUV he rented had a navigator system so he was sure not to get lost. He thanked the attendant and was on his way.

“I can’t believe these stations don’t have real music.” he continued to punch the seek button on the radio “Reggae is fine but what about R&B, slow jams, Miles Davis, Down Home Blues. Something different,” Zackary complained to the interior of the vehicle. Thank goodness he had thought to bring his CD case with him. He never left home without it. Most of them consist of artist like B.B. King, Koko Taylor, Percy Sledge, Jimmy Reed, Ray Charles, Bobby Blue Bland and Memphis Slim to name a few. Denise La Salle was MIA. He wondered what had happened to it. One of his brothers happened, no doubt.

He came across his favorite girl…Etta James. He kissed the CD and said ‘beautiful’ before sliding it into the CD player. Etta would sing to him all the way to his hotel and maybe into the night. He sang and popped his fingers to her songs as he drove down the sandy roads in Kingston, Jamaica heading for Hope Bay. The land was beautiful, the beaches were amazing.

He had heard the food was good. He couldn’t wait to taste it. He was almost to the end of his journey when Etta began her rendition of At Last. Nobody could sing it like Etta. She was the best. Before Etta could get out you are mine, and the ending note, Zackary say a flash of orange riding pass on a bike and then a streak of blue, baby blue. He knew that face. He knew that body. It was mostly covered at times but he knew that body.

So many times he woke up having to take a cold shower because of